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Socoder -> Hardware and Technology -> Apple iPad Event - May 2024

Tue, 30 Apr 2024, 03:15
Looks like Apple is releasing iPad with the new M4 chip next week. All about ai now.
Tue, 30 Apr 2024, 03:15
That might be nice.. I'm still on a "The one before the M1" iPad Air.
It'd certainly be a jump in capabilities.

We're currently getting together a few people to help do the living room. Rip out the ceiling, replaster the walls, then redecorate the whole thing. It's going to cost a bloomin' fortune, I reckon.
Might not be the best time, right now.
But .... ... Maybe..!?!

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Mon, 06 May 2024, 08:34
Tomorrow's the day.

All signs are that we're getting M4 iPad Pros, and M2 iPad Airs.
I expect all the AI stuff will be targeting the Pros.
.. Not sure I need a Pro.
.... Do I!?!

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Mon, 06 May 2024, 09:14
I wonder if it is any good. Probably still with 8gb. There are no great games for it either.
Mon, 06 May 2024, 09:53
Sure there are.

.. ShoeboxOfGames.com and SpikeDislike.com \o/yeay\o/

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Tue, 07 May 2024, 04:28
New Apple pencil it is rumored. Probably for the new pro iPad only. I barely use the older pencil. The battery life is not that great with these.

I'm stil hesitant to invest in a new iPad. Should the m4 be real good though. But it might only be a minor upgrade. It having 16gb as a starting point would make it a lot easier.

I got these 2 mini pc's for the cheap that both had 16gb build in. You can buy almost 5 of these win 11 devices for the price of 1 iPad pro.

Going to watch live in a few.

Edit: also a new Monkey Island game for apple arcade.
Tue, 07 May 2024, 07:54

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Tue, 07 May 2024, 08:39
Air : M2, and starts with 128Gb for $599, which is pretty damn good, IMO.

Pro : Looks nice.
Incredibly pricey. $999 for a 256Gb model.
Should I?!

Magic Keyboard would be completely redundant for me. Pencil is tempting, but I just haven't felt the need for one for the past decade of iPad ownership.
I see the point, but I can't draw for shit, so it wouldn't make my lack of art skills any less shitty.
Nah, I can cope without that.

My current iPad is "The one before the M1", so a leap from "Not an M" to an "M2" would be quite an increase.
But an M4 would be .. Yikes!!!

That's 2 levels above the chip in my laptop.....

iPad Classic is now only $349, which is nice and cheap, and if you've never Apple'd before, that's .. I *think* the cheapest way into the ecosystem, and really, it's a fantastic start..


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Tue, 07 May 2024, 09:11
I'm talking myself down.
I'm being sensible.
I don't NEED it.

Once either Mum or My current iPads dies on it's/their arses, then I'll likely "Go Pro"
But right now, nah, I don't need it.

Save your money, Jay. There's more important things, right now.. .. Like the men who are coming to redo most of the living room in a few weeks..

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Tue, 07 May 2024, 09:13
Roll on September eh
Tue, 07 May 2024, 09:18
I wil wait for the benchmarks and in-depth testing. Cpu at +50 % compared to m2. Single core probably minimal? Rendering at x4.

For visual programming and 3d programming it would be a powerful device. The lower end model starts at 256gb now. The 16gb memory model costs 2000 euro's.

The presentation has not made me want to buy it. I have been programming on a old regular iPad 2019. That thing is fast stil and can handle a lot.

600 euro's for a new modern regular iPad at 256gb is not that bad.
Thu, 09 May 2024, 12:38
The cpu performance compared to the old m2 and the new m4 is rather a big leap. Single core the m4 now should be the fastest consumer chip available. 3800 in geekbench 6. 14000 for multi core.

Gpu adds only 10.000 point. So maybe 20% it seems. Close to 54000 in the metal score.

This was based on a leak. The first review tests should be out next week.

This does make the iPad pro, and new entry level macs interesting for development?
Wed, 15 May 2024, 00:08
Benchmarks video's and other sources are mentioning cpu single/multi core and igpu improvements of 40+%. This versus the m2.

The lower priced iPad pros do have less cores. You need a 2000 pound or euro model to get all the gpu and cpu cores. This then also comes with 1tb and an extra 8gb of ram.

Stil waiting to see a stress test where they test if the iPad is sturdy. If it breaks or bends very easily. That might be a problem.

For experimental programming, without having to worry much about optimization. This device might just be the right thing right now.
Fri, 17 May 2024, 23:54
Turns out there is a problem with the screens. People complaining about weird pixel effects. No official reply yet from apple. But it might be a hardware problem.

Warranty could mean you are not entitled to a fix and have to do with a broken device. The dead pixel problem on monitors were always a problem.

There might be a software fix.

Apple might use the same screen tech for new macbooks. These might also have these problems.
Sat, 18 May 2024, 01:34
That's always a risk with new tech, especially when they're faffing about with Screen technology.
Glad I pulled back at the last minute.

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