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Thu, 04 Apr 2024, 06:12

Melody Moops

I was bored, today. Still getting over flu, so maybe my head's still swirling around with crazy thoughts.. Not sure..

So, um..
I figured I'd use all the AI's to make up a gameshow.

: Download
Theme tune by Suno.ai

Art by ArtFlow.ai

Bing/CoPilot wrote a synopsis for the show

“Melody Moops” - A Retro UKTV Gameshow

In the neon-soaked era of the 1980s, “Melody Moops” takes center stage as the ultimate musical showdown. Hosted by the charismatic Sir Percival Groove, this zany game show pits contestants against each other in a battle of rhythm, wit, and nostalgia.


The Vinyl Vault: Contestants enter a glittering studio adorned with oversized cassette tapes, boomboxes, and neon graffiti. The show kicks off with a dance-off to classic '80s tunes. The last dancer standing earns the coveted “Moop Medal.”
Name That Synth: Contestants listen to mysterious synth riffs and must identify the iconic '80s song they belong to. Bonus points for air-guitar solos!
Spandex Showdown: A trivia round where contestants answer questions while wearing leg warmers, teased hair, and shoulder pads. Wrong answers result in a confetti explosion.
Karaoke Catastrophe: Contestants belt out power ballads, imitating their favorite rock stars. The twist? The lyrics are scrambled, and they must unscramble them mid-performance.
Keytar Duel: Two contestants face off in an epic keytar battle. Sparks fly as they shred their way through “Sweet Child o’ Mine” or “Take On Me.”
MTV Music Video Madness: Contestants watch obscure '80s music videos and compete to spot continuity errors. The winner gets a lifetime supply of neon shoelaces.
Boombox Bonanza: A memory game where contestants recall the order of songs played on a giant boombox. Miss a beat, and you’re out!
Final Encore: The top two contestants face off in a live performance. They choose their favorite '80s anthem and sing their hearts out. The audience votes for the ultimate “Melody Moop.”

Grand Prize:

The winner receives a glittering keytar, a year’s supply of hair spray, and an all-expenses-paid trip to the Electric Avenue Music Festival.
So tune in to “Melody Moops,” where leg warmers meet synthesizers, and nostalgia grooves its way into your heart! 🌟🎵

Art by ArtFlow.ai

Can't wait.

Logo by Leonardo.ai

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