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Posted : Friday, 03 January 2020, 14:18

AGameAWeek 2020

I've kickstarted another bloody year of this. Wtf am I, Crazy?!

Another year with PetitSwitch games, Foldapuz puzzles and regular AGameAWeek games, too.
And music and newsletters and daily pixelart, and exhaustion and my own demise.
Everything's ready and raring to go!

I've set up a new Google Spreadsheet to keep track of my year, and will hopefully be posting things here, too... although, last year, I kinda gave up doing that and wasn't very well organised!

I think I'll aim to post a Saturday Update to this thread. That seemed to work half of the time, last year.

In amongst the first few things I'm aiming to do this year, is fixing the Cache method of Shoebox and Browsercade.
EdgeChromium is complaining that they're doing away with the old ApplicationCache, because.. .. *shrugs*
Instead. I have to make use of a horribly confounded and complicated method that I still haven't quite wrapped my head around, and that appears to be using more MobileData, which is something I REALLY didn't want to do with the Shoebox..

Anyhoo, yeah, lots to do, and plenty of games to work on.

First game, Chuck-A-Ball on Petit Switch.
And not much else to show, since the year started midweek!!

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Posted : Friday, 03 January 2020, 14:39

Posted : Saturday, 11 January 2020, 04:18
This week's chaos in the AGameAWeek factory of insanity!

In the Browsercade, I made the game Jack on the Blocks.
It was originally intended to be a QBert Clone, but ended up more like Oh Mummy!

View on YouTube
You can Play it in your Browser here, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

This week's Foldapuz puzzle is Five Blocks.
Try to find the five solid blocks, by using the side-counts, showing how many of the tiles on the row/column are solid.
You can Print off a sheet of puzzles here, or play it in your browser here.

Meanwhile, on Nintendo Switch, I made the game Meteor Defender
Protect the city from the oncoming destruction!
If you've got PetitCom4, you can download the game with the SBKey 48APXQ3N4

And lastly, this week's ALChoon is Nothing Beyond, with a happy little blippity blip intro!
Part of the "Nothing" AL Bum.

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Posted : Saturday, 18 January 2020, 09:12
Another week, another pile of gameage!!


This week's Shoebox game sees me ripping off the Handlink from Quantum Leap.
Taking cues from last week's Foldapuz game (Five Blocks), I made a game about prodding blocks, and .. "Oh, Boy!" I just KNEW I had to add those sound effects on top!
You can Play the game in your browser, or better yet, play it on your phone in portrait mode, and pretend like you're Al !!

Nine Plus

A grid of numbers with totals on the right hand side. Each row has all numbers 1 through 9. Each row has no duplicates, and no numbers touch each other diagonally.
With those rules in place, fill in the grid to the numbers on the right hand side all add up correctly.
You can Print pages full, here, or alternatively Play it in your Browser

Ninja, Duck!

For PetitCom4 on Switch, I remade a game about a ninja and a duck!
Slash away at the evil duck army, but watch out for the unpleasant surprise hiding inside!!
If you're got PetitCom4 on Switch, grab the game with the SBKey 4TAXE33N4


View on YouTube

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Posted : Saturday, 25 January 2020, 05:08

Take This Torch

This week's Browsercade game is a little dungeon questing thing. Find the key, and get back home.
Suggested by Michael Fernie, it's like a little mini RPG, but without any RPG elements! A randomly generated set of corridors with a really cheaply made lighting method.
Avoid the blue creatures and shake your flame to ward them off!
You can play in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

Two Letters

For the Foldapuz this week, the new puzzle involves you trying to find the two letters missing from all the words.
Fin the missing Two letters for the whole set of words, then put them all back in again.
You can print out sheets of the puzzle, here or play it in your browser

Every Good Bird Deserves Flappyness

Meanwhile, over on Switch, I made a new "Flappyness" game.
You can play it if you have Petit Switch using the download key 4KE3QJ1F


And finally, this week's ALChoon has already been used in the week's Browsercade game!

View on YouTube
Part of the "Nothing" Album

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Posted : Saturday, 25 January 2020, 08:31
2 questions....

1. Are these coded directly in javascript?
2. If so might I be able to 'borrow' your maze generator from the lap game?

Check out my excellent homepage!
Posted : Saturday, 25 January 2020, 10:26
the "lap" game?!

For Take This Torch, I used an extremely lazy method.

so that there's a grid of 0's (1 = solid, 0 = floor) that are laid out a bit like the solid blocks in a Bomberman grid.. !

followed by two loops of..

And, honestly, that's all it is!!
Each spot has (usually) two paths leading to and from it, and that's all that happens.
Spawn the player randomly anywhere, and do a flood-fill to double check which bits are accessible, and remove those that can't be.

If you want a better method, This one turned out infinitely more complex.

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Posted : Sunday, 26 January 2020, 11:01
Yeah, torch, no Idea where lap came from, we'll blame the phones autocorrect
So it's not a real maze then? I would never have guessed!

I've been trying to re-write my old monkey maze generator in C and nearly threw the laptop out of the windows a couple of times because of the "it's doing everything correctly, yet spews out random wrong data for no reason" situations!

Recursive maze generation = easy, non-recursive = Argh!

I'm going to give your version a try. As I don't want a difficult maze it might be a better option regardless!

Check out my excellent homepage!
Posted : Saturday, 01 February 2020, 05:36
Aaaargh! The Spikes!!!

A week full of Spikes, as the week started and ended with the return of your favourite set of pointy sharp pixels.


SpikeDislike.com was launched on Monday, with the basics of the framework being put into place.
Over the course of the week, I've been adding little bits and pieces, neatening up the framerate methods, getting the music to sync up and more.

It's fully playable inside your browser, and although it's currently a little lacking in features, those will all be returning, bit by bit, over the next short while.
You can Play it at SpikeDislike.com! Yeay!

Balance Blocks

For this week's Foldapuz puzzle, a simple little Maths challenge.
Try to move all the blocks onto the scales so that the two sums match up.

Balance Blocks can be printed in sheets or Played in your browser

Energy Warrior

Over on NintendoSwitch, I created a Platdude game with giant evil aliens and super colourful lazers!

If you have PetitCom/SmileBASIC on Switch, you can play the game using the SBKey 4E494K344


Musically, this week's choon is called "Nothing Else"

View on YouTube
Available as part of the "Nothing" ALbum.

SpikeDislike2 back on iOS

And to round off the week with Spikes, I decided to head into my old 2013 code, and see if I can finally get SpikeDislike2 back up and running on iOS.
A few prods and tweaks, and an epic fight with the AppStore later, and TADA!

SpikeDislike2 is back on your iPhone/iPad.
Go and grab it in the AppStore, here!

What a week!!

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Posted : Saturday, 08 February 2020, 05:32
This week's AGameAWeek Highlights! Me, Me, Me!

Words Within

Find all the selected words from within the set of letters at the bottom.
You can play the game in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

Crypto Maths

Figure out the code, solve the sum, then find the mystery word.
You can print out sheets of the puzzle or play it in your browser.

Optimal Spring

This week's Nintendo Switch game is extremely springy!
I started out making a Jumping Jack clone, but ended up with a Mario Bros (Arcade) clone instead..!
Created using PetitCom/SmileBASIC, you can grab Optimal Spring using the SBKey 4JKDBE83

Heavy Blues

A new theme for SpikeDislike! I'm going to try to do one new theme/style a week, until it breaks me!!
Heavy Blues sees the ball getting alarmingly heavy, and the whole game is harder as a result.
You can Play the game in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


Meanwhile, this week's ALChoon is a nice little happy choon!

View on YouTube
Available as Part of the growing "Nothing" Album

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Posted : Saturday, 15 February 2020, 06:37
Another week, another roundup of insanity.

We're up to Week 7, and my spreadsheet says I've made 19 games, so far.. So.. There's that!!

Cosmic Gardener

For this week's Browsercade game, a simplistic remake of Mr Do.
Guide Platdude through the garden and grab all the fruit.
You can Play the game in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

Four Winds

Over on Foldapuz is a windy puzzle.
Draw lines of wind from the fans, so that each one fills the given number of squares.
You can print sheets of the puzzle, or play it in your browser

Undercover Frog

My Nintendo Switch game for this week is a happy game of Frogs and Munkys.
Help the Undercover Frog gather up as many stars as it can, using a mystical magical hat!
If you have PetitCom/SmileBASIC on Switch, grab the game with the SBKey 4423K3Y3

On the Court

Meanwhile, this week's SpikeDislike addition is the fan favourite Basketball theme, On The Court
Play the new theme in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet, at SpikeDislike.com


And finally, this week's ALChoon is Nothing Generational.

View on YouTube
Available as part of the growing "Nothing" ALBum.

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