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Created : 29 April 2021

#514 - Dance News Days

Weekly Newsletter

Dance News Days

#514 - Thursday 29th April, 2021

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Every Thursday, Panicking because I've barely done anything other than the Script Engine.


Hello World

Crikey, what a week.
Last thing I remember, I was writing a newsletter saying not much has been happening on the forum, mostly due to lovely hot summer days.
This week, more of the same.

We're officially in the middle of what can be referred to as a blazing hot summer.
Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. There'll probably be snow next week.

.. I say that any time there's a bit of sun.
Honestly, the sun can naff off. Stupid insects crop up, and you can't code nearly as much stuff.
Boo, hiss...


Steve Returns to Coding

Steve has declared that he'll be going back to coding.
But what will he be coding?
And will his keyboard survive the punishment?!
Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, On Twitch

Rychan's been streaming his dev-time, which has had a couple of viewers.
Go, Rychan! It helps that Rychan's making a kick-ass NES game, which I'm certain is more entertaining to watch than anything I tend to code.
Here's hoping that the added audience brings in paying customers at the end of the project.
*fingers crossed*


India's in the middle of an absolute horror-show, as far as Covid infections are going.
The infection has spread like wildfire, and hospitals around the country are absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer chaos that it's causing.

Lockdown is easing, here in the UK, with stores opening up, and bars and cafes offering outside dining once more.
It's going to take a long time to get anywhere near where we once were, but if we all take it easily, and care for one another, we're sure to get there some day.

Stay safe.
Stay indoors when you can.
And don't forget your mask when you can't.

Even if you've had the vaccination.


JSE - Test Edition

Jay posted the first test version of his Script Engine, which will hopefully bring a familiar Blitz-Like language structure to the browser.
After endless battles with the base functionality, he's finally got things working to a reasonable standard, enough that he's uploaded a version for testing.
So far he's managed to get basic keywords working, most of the bare parsing functioning, and (hopefully) has managed to keep up a decent framerate.
Next will be adding variables, and finally getting that BODMAS under control.


Terry Paton

PixelPaton's still making games.
Hi, blue guy!!

View on YouTube

Here Comes Bod

Someone retweeted something of JamHamster's the other day, and my head went "hey.. I recognise that avatar!!"
Good to see he's still around.
Incidentally, it was this tweet, in which he's built a tiny Amiga inside 3 floppy disks.

Nice Fudge

Some company keeps using "wouldn't it be nice" in their adverts, and every time I start singing "a finger of fudge.." in my head.



This is why it's getting harder and harder to find good sketch stuff on YouTube.

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Working From Home


Returning to Work

Old man has an interview before getting back to his old job.

Spooky Podcast


Spooky Box



Drew Sycamore

I only just discovered this artist a week or so ago, (last week's newsletter, where I found an "unexpectedly uptempo musical interlude") and already she's one of my new faves.
As I write this, she's performing a half hour set, live on YouTube.
Hopefully this link still works, afterwards, so you can watch it back!!

View on YouTube



It's Super Mario BROTHERS.
The . denotes a contraction.
Dr. Mario isnt Durrr Mario..
Why? Why??! WHY!!!!!!!

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80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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So, I'm sitting here listening to that, and .. there are wrong notes, and rhythms that are "not quite right".
Yet, I recognise the wrong notes.
And I try my best to remember where I've heard them before..
And then it ends.. and it goes "diddle-dee-diddle-dah"

Hey, hang on a minute.. that's MY midi version, from.. like.. 1999/2000 or something..
Thieving git!!

Lovely Arps

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And Remember

Be Kind

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