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Created : 21 April 2021

#513 - Lucky News

Weekly Newsletter

Lucky News

#513 - Thursday 22nd April, 2021

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Every Thursday, Getting Stabbed


Hello Sun

The sun is out. The birds are singing. People head outsi... FUCK!! WASPS..
Three wasps in our bathroom this week. Three of the bloody things. Worrying.

Meanwhile, the coders are all enjoying the sun, as evidenced by the start of our annual abandonment of the forum.
There's been a few topics, but nothing major.
Instead, we're sitting out in the sunlight, and avoiding the wasps.

Prepare for more JayWaffle, as the forum's been quiet as a mouse, this week!



Rychan continues to work on his Bee Happy NES game, working on a lovely titlescreen effect to go with it.
Having learned a ton of stuff from his experience making Flap Happy, Rychan's now empowered enough to start tackling some true level 6 NES Developer effects!


Everyone's headed outside, to the point where Jay's Mum notices her phone's knackered, and Jay has to buy her a new one.
Have you ventured out, yet?
Where have you been? Who have you seen? Everyone been ok?
Hop into the latest "How's Things" thread, and let us know how things are going for you and your closest.

SoSmile, BASIC

Oogiri Competition Results

SmileBASIC had a competition all about games with "Smile" in the gameplay.
Over 80 entries were submitted, and this week they announced the winners.
Jay didn't win, but he didn't really expect to, once he saw the epic quality of the other entries.
AGameAWeek throwaway titles can't win against entries that were loved and cared for!
You can see all the winners here, along with little videos of each, and their accompanying SBKeys if you've got a copy of SmileBASIC on your Switch.
.. Which you definitely should!


If you filled in the form a few weeks back, chances are you're going to be getting some goodies in the mail.
Check your email, and that the SmileBASIC team know where you live.


The End of FTP

Seems like, after years of serving files, the end of FTP is nigh.
Do you still use FTP?
I think the last time I properly used it was to grab a ton of mods from Aminet.
Nowadays, even FTP programs tend to use more secure protocols to do their bidding.
I wonder how many places still use it, though, without us noticing?
Guess we'll find out, now that Firefox is starting to disable FTP functionality from their browsers.

Robo House

Available on Android

View on YouTube

Mostly Musical

Another week where I've struggled to find anything none-musical on YouTube.
I think the YouTube Algorithm is very much an Algorhythm at this point.

Unexpectedly Uptempo Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

Unexpected Donkey Kong

By mouth

Musical Interlude


One OK Rock

With unexpected Ed Sheeran

Money Money Money



Danny wants to see the helicopter!
URL https://youtu.be/Nj6i4mfdzfU

Doctor Who

With everything expected


All Gone

Adverts for services, things, and places, that no longer exist.

View on YouTube

DD Jump

The heist is a-go..


4 Producers

My favourite of Andrew Huang's series.

View on YouTube



Unexpected 80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

More from Joe




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


{ -------------------
{ Load, Next List!

.. And yes, it's early. I'm off for my second Covid Jab tomorrow, and am trying to clear up as much of my regular schedule as I can!



Wednesday, 21 April 2021, 15:57
Level 6 eh?

Might be a whil until I consider myself that far ahead, I've been wathcing a lot of Ninja Gaiden 2 on twitch.tv/arcus and ,wow, that game does so much cool stuff with sprite zero hits to achieve neat effects!

I might opt for the next game having more ROM space to create something a bit more interesting.

Also, sorry to hear about the wasps, nasty ones them.
Thursday, 22 April 2021, 01:09
WOOOO. Early newsletter!