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Created : 08 October 2020
Edited : 08 October 2020

#487 - Bring Me To News

Weekly Newsletter

; Bring Me To News

#487 - Thursday 08th October, 2020

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Every Thursday, Watching old episodes of Spitting Image


; Hello World

Bit lacklustre, this week. Not a whole lot going on.
I mean, there's "some" activity on the site, but it's mostly all be contained within a few small threads.

Incidentally, I realised something that would make for a new "game" for the frontpage, the other day.
Take a famous quote, chop it in half, and let people write silly endings.

I spent about half a day sitting here, preparing small snippets of text. Took ages finding a nice big collection of quotes, then had to manually chop them down to size so they could be extended nicely.
Then I came to implementing the scripting, to integrate the new game into the site, at which point I realised it'd end up flooding the forum with threads..
Absolutely FLOODED..
I scrapped the idea, but will probably revisit it with a rethink at a later point.
Maybe just turn it into a static page, like the Poll Highscores, but then it's not really front and centre like I was intending it to be.

So many of these ideas get abandoned due to how messy they make the forum.
Why can't there just be, like, a super awesome game that works like Polls do!?!


; Raycasting

Voxel's joined the site, (I was somewhat shocked to learn he wasn't already a member) and brings news of his WIP Raycasting engine for DOS.

; Pakzels

Pakz continues his lovely sprite-drawing lessons, and brings us some lovely trees.

; Greenie's Heroic Adventure

Jay's posted a game to the frontpage of the site?!! (It's been over a year since his last one.)
Guide Greenie through the caverns in this mini remake of H.E.R.O.


Lockdown continues to shut, open and shut again in waves.
Parts of Scotland have gotten so bad that they're shutting the pubs.
.. In Scotland!!!

We don't talk about what's happening in the US, but Steve pretty much sums it up in the first minute of his recent video.

; RIP - Eddie Van Halen

God of the guitar riff.


; Pre-Order Bill & Ted

The best new movie in decades can now be pre-ordered.

; Spitting Back

Spitting Image is back, on BritBox.
And.. um..
Thank goodness BritBox has older episodes available.

; Borat Again

Amazon Prime Video are releasing a new Borat movie in just a couple of weeks time.


; Brick Rick

A new game for Amstrad CPCs.
Free download, or pre-order the collector's edition!


; Love is a Crazy Thing

View on YouTube

; RedBlue 3D


; Remixing is a Crime


; How To Steal



; Alfred Chicken for MP

I never knew this!

View on YouTube

; Mixing A Sample

Andrew challenges more musicians to create music from a given sample.


; Leslie Nielsen

A comedy great!

View on YouTube

; Sonic Adventure

GameCube vs Dreamcast
But which is better?

2000s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

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