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Created : 14 May 2020

#467 - News This Way

Weekly Newsletter

; News This Way

#467 - Thursday 14th May, 2020

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Every Thursday, Waiting for Installs


; Hello World

Grabbed the laptop to start writing this week's Newsletter, and of course, it decided it was time for an extra lengthy install session.
One of those "30% Forever" instances, where you end up getting an alarming amount of time to write a waffling amount of text, whilst waiting for it.

This week, I've mostly been reworking the AGameAWeek layout. Tons of stuff to do on it, as I apparently don't like to make life easy on myself.
Thankfully, I've discovered CSS's calc() function, which has reduced about 90% of the work that I'd have to do. *phew*

It's odd how old ideas seem to keep coming back, and with them, the exact same bugs and issues. This time, however, I have the power of calc() by my side, and I can do subtractions.
Sidebar = width:80px
Content = width:calc(100% - 80px)
It's an absolute godsend!
Hopefully, then, it'll all come together a little quicker, this time around.

And.. Maybe not use all those tables?



; Degauss

Spinal misses that special button that caused utter chaos in your monitor for all of about half a second.
Modern displays don't need to do that kind of thing, but wouldn't it be cool to emulate it, somehow?
Send your thoughts as to how you might achieve it.
.. I think we're going to need something other than Blitz, for this one.

; Pakz' Pixels

Pakz posts some lovely little alien creatures. The first pixels since his unexpected break.

He then also posts some isometric pixelart buildings.

; Current Cake

Steve makes a lovely little electrical pancake. Looks more like a Liquorice Catherine Wheel, to me!
Mmmm, swirly!


; Nonman

This week's SoCoder Word of the Week is Nonman, which is apparently a word for monsters, creatures, and other things that are none-human..
What an odd word, but definitely ripe for a game or two.
Are you up for the challenge?


; Corona Update

Steve loses a close friend, and the UK government loses its god damned frickin' mind.
What seemed like a decent speech, about taking things gently, being careful, and not going absolutely batshit insane, has of course lead to batshit insanity, as millions rush on buses in a desperate attempt to get back to work.
It's all kicking off, in the land of the virus.

Stay in the house if you can.
Stay in touch however you can.
Let's get through this.


RIP : Roy Horn : Siegfried and Roy
RIP : Little Richard - Tutti Frutti
RIP : Jerry Stiller - Serenity Now



; Opal Fruits

Mars promised this as a Post-Brexit thing, and apparently they're out there as a limited edition thing.. Somewhere..
If you're out there, too, maybe you might spot them.
They have them on Amazon, but they're insanely over priced.

; Bolero Drinks

Jay buys some soft-drink mixes.
Gawd, these threads, lately..
Post stuff, guys.. Seriously, post stuff!!!


; Free Adventure Game

The Thimbleweed Park team have released a free Mini-Adventure, which is part Isolation-Entertainment, and part Engine-Test.

; Animal Adventures

Jay's not posted his weekly Animal Crossing thing, this week.
Lazy git.
Rockford paid off his mortgage, though, so that's good.


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; Mr Whippy

Mmmm.. Whipped Sprite!

; Glass

Wtf is it?

; Stay Safe



; Ring My Bell

View on YouTube

; Repairing a Box

Maybe a bit TOO shiny, though..


; TV History

View on YouTube

; Pre-History

The story from a long long time ago, before it was given the green light

; Back to the History




Richard interviews Michael Palin

View on YouTube

Vaguely Modern Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Musicians Stuck At Home

; Knower

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; Sheryl Crow


; Spray


; Barenaked Ladies



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