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Created : 28 November 2019

#443 - The Sound of News

Weekly Newsletter

; The Sound of News

#443 - Thursday 28th November, 2019

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Every Thursday, Freaking out about how close Xmas is.


; Hello-ho-ho World

Here comes December!
Sunday's the first. Hope you've all got your Advent Calendars at the ready.
Mine's been staring at me for the better half of the month, going "EAT ME! EAT ME!!!" over and over again.
Bah, humbug.

I'll be creating the Advent threads in a day or two, probably Saturday.
One for the calendars that we've bought, and the other for the Advent of Creativity.

I haven't prepared ANYTHING, this year, though.
Last year I had half of AL's "Hello" album ready to go, but .. Nope.. Nothing..
Could be tricky!

If you've got the time, I'd love for everyone to contribute something to the Creativity thread, even if it's not daily. Just jump in whenever you have the time.

Ready, Set, ...



; Pakz' People

Pakz continues on his artistic adventure, and manages to draw a whole bunch of little faces.
A whole collection of faces. Grumpy, Happy, Evil.
Quite a variety of manly faces, but nothing feminine.
Maybe next week, for the ladies?

; contains.sh

Hobo creates a bash script that can scan through files in a folder, searching and replacing based on a Regex filter.
Looks REALLY handy. I can think of a couple of occasions that I could've done with that, whilst doing the site upgrade a couple of years ago.
The ability to say "Replace all the instances where I buggered up that variable-name AGAIN" would've definitely come in handy.

; Which Side

Pakz posts a function that tells you on which side of a line a point is situated.
Sounds complex, but is actually a really handy function, if you can come up with a reason for it!
I imagine it might be useful for something like AI enemies, to swarm in on the player..?


; Malmiest

Rychan continues to build up the Gameboy game that he started, based on last week's Word of the Week, but can't quite manage to make the game in such a short amount of time.
No matter. It'll be done when it's done, and at least it won't be rushed!

; Wavers

This week's Word of the Week is Wavers. Could be plenty of options for this word, but nobody's really had a bite, yet.
.. I could probably do something in the Shoebox.. But .. What?!


; YouTube Going Down the Pan

With the crazy COPPA crap, and the addition of their new Terms and Conditions, things are rapidly turning into a Tube full of Flames for the video sharing site.
YouTube usually screws up for Viewers or Uploaders in different ways, but it seems that this time, they've struck gold.
Uploaders and Viewers alike, are all getting equally pissed off at these latest decisions.
Advertisers are, of course, delighted.

; Who Trailer

There's FINALLY a trailer for the new season of Doctor Who.
Feels like AGES since we last heard anything substantial, but with the launch just over a month away (Apparently New Years Day) it's time to get hyped!


; Driving

Steve drives in his car.
But where does he go?
Find out, inside!!

; Annual Shopping Day

Black Friday is upon us.
Have you spotted any epic bargains?!
I bought a Blood Sugar Level Monitor doohickey the other week. £20.
Damn thing's down to £10, this week.


; Meow

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; Yippee Ai


; Commercial Break


; aaargh!


; Bonus Cover


; Gotta Buy 'em All



; Murder!

Beware the Bus...

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; Honk Honk



; Hackable 7" Screen?

Might be handy..

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; A Million!

8bit Guy reaches a MILLION subscribers!

.. additionally
If you have Netflix, Mike Berbiglia's "The New One" is now available.

60s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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And, of course, my favourite..

VGRemix Corner

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