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Created : 03 October 2019

#435 - She's Got News On

Weekly Newsletter

; She's Got News On

#435 - Thursday 03rd October, 2019

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Every Thursday, Wondering What to Code


; Hello World

Supposed to have finished off the Pool game, this week, but ended up making something totally different. Not due to the past few week's panic of "I don't think I'll get the Pool Game done", but instead because my head was going "Awww, go on.. Do this game.. It'll be quick!"
It's turned out nicely, though. Or at least, the basics of the game have.
I now need to bulk up the level generator, and see if there's any extra little ideas I can come up with.

The game's a Sensitive-style game. Move along the grid, light up all the squares and get to the goal square.
The difference being that there's more than one "player" piece on the grid. Having to manage three objects at the same time makes for some much more interesting puzzles.
The difficulty in generating these kinds of levels, though, is ensuring that all three pieces end up having to wrap around each other, without making the levels really blindingly obvious.

The current level generator does a fairly decent job, but .. Yeah, I think I need to add a couple of more elements to get things up to a harder level.

Hopefully it'll all be done by Saturday!


; The Polls Suck

Getting to the end of his tether with the bizarro games being listed, Rockford finally asked "Where are you getting these game from?"
To be honest, I've been baffled by a fair number of them myself.
I grabbed a "Top 100 games of each year" list, and .. It's full of the most bizarre oddball games you never heard of.
Instead, then, I've dug deep into the well of the internet, grabbed a whole bunch of new videogame lists, organised by system, and dumped them all into a brand new set of polls.
The result over the past few days, has been a much more recognisable set of polls.
And thanks to Rockford for poking me into bothering to do that!


; Lists

As part of his work redoing the polls, Jay's decided to make a little took that can be used to combine text lists into a vaguely neatly organised forum post.
The tool takes each list, pops it into a Code box, and finally makes use of that "Tabbed Sections" function that he coded into the BBCode about a decade ago.

As an example, here's a list of Top-100-or-so videogames from various systems.

Feel free to use the new Word Lists forum section to post anything that might be useful in gamedev, but ... do be sure to keep an eye on those file sizes!
If you're thinking of posting an entire smegging dictionary, I'd much rather you do that in a zip file!


; Pinball Dreams CPC

BG Games (The guys who created the amazing Batman demo on the CPC a few years ago) have released their version of Pinball Dreams for the aging Amstrad CPC.
It fits on one disk, has all four tables, all the music, all the sound, all the colourful pinball tables with fullscreen scrolling and amazing ball physics, and..

Oh My God!!!

Game Over
The 8-bit wars finally has a victor.


; RIP : Peter Sissons

The Newsreader that a lot of us grew up with, watching the BBC News, Peter Sissons passed away this week, aged 77.


; Alpaca Sim

Paul makes a lovely little farming sim.

View on YouTube


; Woodwork

Creating with tools

View on YouTube

; Shaddap!!!


; Chocolate Treats



; He-Man

And the action figures from his universe.

View on YouTube

; Microsoft's Future

Unbox Therapy takes a look at Microsoft's recent unveilings, and the route of computers in THE FUTURE!!!


; Actually Nog

A tribute to the late Aron Eisenberg

View on YouTube

; The Hard Sell

Oh, hey, Bob's back to doing his Old Adverts Show again!

2010s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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