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Created : 11 April 2019

#410 - Don't Stop 'til You Get A Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

; Don't Stop 'til You Get A Newsletter

#410 - Friday 12th April, 2019

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Every Friday, Another week whizzes past.


Apple's added a ton of "Throwback" stations in the Apple Music / Browse section.
I noticed them a few days ago, and thought "oooh, nice!" then started flicking through them, only to discover that their idea of "Throwback" is roughly about a decade AFTER I stopped listening to modern music!!

I'm not that old, am I?!

Instead, I've found myself heading back in time and listening to a lot of Pulp and Blur, this week.

The BritPop is strong in JNKHouse..

PulpMania, all the way!


; Additive Lines

Pakz posts another new image generator, which adds lines to create an almost paper-like textured effect.
Quite nice!

; JNKsg Template

Spurred on by Pakz's post, and wondering what wonderful things Pakz could make from it, Jay decided it was finally time to post the code for his Sprite Generator thing. Whether anyone uses it, or not, remains to be seen.


; 8Bit Contest

The SyntaxBomb 8bit contest is now over.
Zzoom has posted the official site for entries, and a couple of Socoder regulars are in amongst the entries, including his own Big Dark Adventure.

TheRevillsGames also has an entry. Jack Deadly, and it sure as hell is!!

; Pokitto Contest

Meanwhile, the Pokitto Python Jam is also over.
Spinal's game gets a prize in the "best idea" category!
But will he choose the T-shirt or the Mug?!

Note : if there are contests around in the indiesphere, that folk at Socoder should probably know about.. post about them!!!!


; Slabwell

Looks like someone's pinched Spinal's favourite brand of rolling-block puzzle, and has come up with a few enhancements to the original gameplay.
Time for a super Spinal edition, methinks!

; Coding Style

Spinal's code gets a complaint from another user, who complains about Spinal's oldskool methods.
They'd have a heart attack if they saw even an ounce of the stuff I typically code!


; Cardagain again again!

I remade Cardagain, this week, to go into the Shoebox of Games.
Bit of an odd thing is that a lot of my early iOS releases seem perfectly suited for the Shoebox. As such, I'm currently on a weird kind of nostalgia trip, reliving the early days of struggling with "how does Retina work" and other such things.
Oddly, at the same time, I'm testing out Apache's Cordova thing to allow me to compile my JavaScript game collection back into an actual iOS release.. and.. it's unretina'ing the whole thing, causing it to be far too big and ugly on the iPhings.
Really need to fix that, but it's certainly feeling like a release might be on the horizon.
It's all come full circle.


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Kabloowee


; Wonky Maps

Chinese approved



; Salt

Mmmm. Salt..

; Tom Likes Driving in His Car



; LEGO Dislike?

I could SO do a SpikeDislike like this!!

View on YouTube

; Simpsons

From the days before it was bland and generic


; Why Do I Smell Burning?

Barry tries out some Kitchen Gadgets

View on YouTube

; Mr Aardman

Richard chats with Peter Lord

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




"Wank wank.. wank wank, wank.."

And I don't even...

TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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