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Socoder -> Hardware and Technology -> WWDC 2024

Mon, 10 Jun 2024, 11:41

WWDC 2024

So far..
New options for colourising the icons in iOS. That's kinda neat.
You can FINALLY move the fucking icon around, too. Bloody hell!!

I like the new Control Center style, with extra possibilities of widgets and buttons and things.
The newish Photos app looks neat, but I'm going to have to teach Mum how to do even more guff.
Apple TV additions are mostly of the "We've made things so horrible, audio-wise, so now you have options so you can hear what's being said!" variety.
I do like the Snoopy Screensaver, though!

... There's currently lots of Apple Watch gubbins going on, so I've drifted off a bit.

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Mon, 10 Jun 2024, 11:53
Not all that impressed by the iPad OS features so far.
I mean, sure, the maths thing looks impressive, and the handwriting things.. But I *think* that needs an Apple Pencil.

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Mon, 10 Jun 2024, 12:17
The AI stuff looks cool. No idea if my iPad Air can run it, though.
*cough cough*

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Mon, 10 Jun 2024, 12:48
I was wrestling with Logic Pro during the presentation. Somehow I lost entire tracks. I need to spend more time getting used to the app.

I have no idea what is coming.
Tue, 11 Jun 2024, 04:18
Updated the MacBook to the Sequoia Beta, and..
Not seeing much, if I'm honest.

Apparently the Apple Intelligence will be rolled out later, so for the meantime I'm looking at pretty much the same thing.
Window edge-snapping works. .. I turned that the fuck off. God damnit, I am not having every fucking window resize to an arbitrary size just because I accidentally dragged the windows 2 pixels too close to the edge.
Sometimes, and this might confuse the hell out of Apple, but.. I like to move a window to the side, so I can do something else, and then bring it back later.
I do NOT want that moved-aside window to suddenly jump to a completely random location.

God damnit, I fucking hate that in Windows, and I am NOT putting up with it, here.. Settings > Display and Dock > Tiled Windows
Switch that shit off.
Apparently there are keyboard shortcuts for that, but I can't seem to find any options for that.

But.. Nope.. Not really seeing anything new, if I'm honest. Maybe iPadOS will be more interesting to look at?

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Tue, 11 Jun 2024, 05:05

Well, that works, so.. \o/yeay\o/.

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