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Posted : Monday, 30 August 2021, 14:31

Facebook Adverts

One of Mum's friend's husband sent his wife a link to a Facebook advert.
"The best T-shirt for the biggest Fan!" stated the text, and under it a picture of Gayle Tyldesley holding a Corrie TShirt.
"You're a Corrie fan?" asked Mum, and confusion did reign down upon the world.

Turns out the bloke had shared a completely different picture, but because it was a fancy-pants coded advert, anyone who sees it, sees whatever they're a fan of, NOT what he originally saw/shared.

It's a bit like the You bbcode tag that I added for [you].
It doesn't appear the same for everyone.
Now, not only is mum Baffled, but so is the friend and her husband.

Be careful what you share on Facebook, folks.
Screenshots FTW!

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Posted : Monday, 30 August 2021, 15:38
Heh, there's another reason I don't post anything I bung on twitter... on facebook, ha!

I'm so screwed when the two merge together into some sort of giant amorphous ball, although the amount of flips I'll give by that point will be zero I'd imagine.

I've found that if you use a more privacy focused browser such as Brave then the adverts are fewer, although I tend to avoid FB unless it's a gamedev update day, like today

|edit| Ohh, just realised you added an NSFW tag, thanks |edit|

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

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Posted : Monday, 30 August 2021, 21:35
Again, not growing up in the UK, I have no idea what
Gayle Tyldesley holding a Corrie TShirt
means, so I did quick web search and this was one of the images I got, LOL

Posted : Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 08:50
Really dodgy-as-shit stuff going on with Facebook, this week.

It's staggering notifications. I might get a flood of 10 comments in a couple of minutes, all visible in the comments of the post, but then over the next hour or so, it'll one by one gradually tell me about them.
Each notification drawing me in once more.

It also frequently says "AGameAWeek had 1 view this week", as if it's suddenly just happened.

A couple of times I've even had the little notification badge pop up, and ... .. Nothing.. Nothing to see..

Normally I'd blame this on "slow server",etc, but ... I swear, they're doing this shit on purpose..

In addition, the Facebook Messenger app has now decided that it's going to use different notification beeps, seemingly at random, to keep you alert.
I just had two messenger notifications from the same person, and each beep was different.

Fucking Facebook. I'm *this* close to disabling all it's fucking notifications.

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Posted : Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 09:30
I have reported about a dozen misleading or fraudulent posts in my feed the last 2 weeks or so. I think the algorithm actually thinks you like to report these as I suddenly good flooded with the wonders from Elon Musk which were all clickbait and fraud such. On twitch they use(d) (fake live)video of him to fraud people out of money. He would double the bitcoin you put in.