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Socoder -> Sony -> PS4 Thoughts

Posted : Sunday, 21 June 2020, 10:05

PS4 Thoughts

So I tried Remote Desktop, and that worked well enough, and I tried Rainway on the PC and that kinda worked, but my PC (2015 MacMini) isn't exactly top-notch as far as specs go.

Then I remembered that PS4 has Remote Play, and double checked that it worked on iOS, and .. yeah, good to go.
So.. um..
Bought one of those, then..

PS4Pro, 1TB

The PS4's hooked up to the main telly downstairs, and I tested Remote Play from my bedroom at the upstairs rear of the house.

Test number one, of course, is Parappa, and it worked flawlessly,
A precise rhythm game was always going to be the most impacted by lag, yet I was able to play through the demo's first level without a hitch.

Next, I tried Wipeout, and that was visually great, but I'm completely out of practice having not played Wipeout since the PS1, and I spent the test period scraping against the wall.

.. then the joypad battery conked out. It was on the lowest bar when it arrived. I'm leaving it to charge..

Pros and cons

Pro : Well, it works!! We'll see how far I can go with it.

Con : To activate the controller for iPad syncing, you need to hold Share and PSButton. If you accidentally tap just PSButton, then the controller turns on the PS4, and you have no visual ability to turn it back off, unless you turn on the telly and switch it over to the PS4.. which is less than ideal..
I might look into unpairing the controller from the PS4 permanently, to stop that from happening.

Pro : I can record footage using iPad's screen capture. That's neat!

Con : Call of Duty came with it.

Pro : Lots of demos on the storefront. Parappa demo has been played, as has wipeout, and I've grabbed a few more to play later.
I notice that both Parappa 1&2 are available on the store, so I might grab both. But, realistically, I should probably buy some new games, instead! .. silly price of a PS4Pro, though, hasn't left me with much!

Con : DVD playback is horrendously bad quality! Not sure what that's about.

Pro : Nice and quiet, so far. Haven't noticed a giant fan noise like the X360 did!

Con : I've read that it can't play PS1 games, which is odd. Haven't tried that, mind. Might do..

I'll post more, later, once I've charged the controller a bit.

Tip : to turn off the controller once it's connected to your iPhing/Android, simply toggle the device's Bluetooth off and on again, and the PS4 controller goes "oh, ok!!" and switches itself off.

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Posted : Sunday, 21 June 2020, 10:09
"You know the PS5's out in, like, 3 or 4 months, right??!"

Yeah. I was unsure, but decided that, given I'm not playing on the TV, and am streaming it to an iPad, any visual fidelity given by the PS5 might end up being somewhat worthless.

But.. if I can play this for more than 10 minutes at a time without vomiting, I might consider upgrading at some point.

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Posted : Sunday, 21 June 2020, 10:15
"What games are you planning on getting?"

Elite and No Man's Sky are definite. There's really nothing alike on Switch.
Not sure I can withstand the 3D though. Could really do with a demo for them.. :/
Spiderman's on that same list of "might make me vomit" games.

Not sure.
Any recommendations?

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Posted : Sunday, 21 June 2020, 10:52

View on YouTube
Posted : Sunday, 21 June 2020, 16:57
Navigating the store whilst it's downloading half a dozen demos, and also trying to keep a stream going between itself and your iPad.. .. doesn't go very well!! Either that or the store was so busy that it completely froze up to hell and back on its own!
I think shopping will have to be left to "actually on the device" times.

Tonight I've played the following demos.

1. Medievil - for about the same 2 or 3 minutes that I remember playing the original PS1 demo, before getting bored and turning it off.

2. DJMax Respect - A Bemani-sequel game. nothing magical. I have the game MUSYNX on my iPad, and that's infinitely better.

3. Horizon something-or-other (Chase?) - A retro styled racer. Was quite good. Enjoyed that. But can't exactly warrant buying a PS4Pro based on a game that looks like something from the 80s. .. .. can I?

4. Kingdom Hearts 3 - Haven't played any of the previous games, but had a general idea on the plot. Square meets Disney, and chaos ensues. The game itself is a frantic beat-em-up thing inside a large arena. Quite fun.

5. Project Cars 2 - Gawd, I remember when this came up at E3 and they spent the entire presentation wanking over a car. I had that in my head whilst trying to play this, and .. I couldn't even find the "external camera" button. I don't think it has one.. I was staring at the man's gloves, and thinking "Boy, I sure do wish I was playing that 80s styled racer again.."

Parappa 2 is currently £3.99 on the store .. and I have £3.01 on my account from my PS3 days..
...maybe.. .. .....

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Posted : Sunday, 21 June 2020, 22:03
Is the PS4 menu any good? Before getting a ChromeCast I would use the PS3 for its apps. It had Twitch and Youtube and local news tv which I would use a lot.

As for Games. I have no idea what is good. The Last of Us 1/2 is getting lots of praise.
Posted : Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 17:00
Don't attempt Parappa 2 on a PS4 using Remote Play!
The PS4 edition of Parappa 1 has obviously had some work done to counteract the lag, whereas Parappa 2 is the original PS2 edition, and really doesn't know how to cope!
I struggled to beat level 1, yesterday, using Remote Play.. but as soon as I sat at the telly-proper, I managed to make it to level 4 without barely a hitch.

.. but because I was playing on the big screen, eventually the hitch showed its face in the form of motion sickness.. .. not even Parappa?! Ffs!!!

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Posted : Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 17:02
RE the menu. It's more or less (as much as I can remember of it) about the same as the PS3 one.
A string of icons in a horizontal row, with more options for that icon, if you scroll down.

There's folders, now.. were there folders in the PS3 menu? I can't remember..
But.. yeah, it's very samey..

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Posted : Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 17:31
Added £10 to my account yesterday, to help pay for Parappa 2, leaving me with just over £9.
Checked my "main two".. No Man's Sky, £34.99, Elite (The basic pack) £19.99.


Checked back tonight, and though No Man is still the higher price, Elite's dropped to £7.99!!

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Posted : Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 19:37

Ok.. Elite thoughts..
I managed to complete the tutorial!
When I tried this a few years ago in the XBone, I got as far as the "shoot the barrels" bit, before vomit-o-rama took over.
This time, I managed to complete the entire tutorial.
The nausea eventually kicked in once I hit the FTL bit, travelling towards the home station, and by the time I docked, I knew I'd played enough.

There was an awful amount of spinning, trying to keep track of the tutorial's fighters, but I just about kept it together.
If I'm playing the "real" game, I might not last in a proper fight.

BUT.. that was probably about an hour's playtime, and that's much better than my previous record of around 5 minutes!! I'm quite happy that Remote Play works as well as it does.
Side note : The teensy tiny tutorial icons are extremely teensy and tiny on the iPad's screen. Completely unreadable.. But.. I managed!!

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