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Posted : Monday, 04 November 2019, 07:57

Samsung TabPro S - Thoughts

My old Boss came round, today, to see if I could help free up some space on his Samsung TabPro S.
128gb SSD with only 8gb remaining, and no obvious signs of usage.
TreeSize Free was installed, and the culprit was found in an instant.
80gb of Apple iPhone Backups deleted.. job done.


It's a Windows tablet, so.. um.. well.. yeah..

1. Those flappy keyboard laptop things really don't work well when sitting cross-legged on the couch.
I happily sit with my normal laptop sat in my lap, and it works fine.
My iPad also sits snuggly in my crotch, no problems!!
But not this.. Not with a flimsy bottom.

2. Fuck me, is it heavy!!!
I mean, it's not "heavy", but it's easily twice the weight of the iPad. Maybe even three times.
If I sit up straight and put it on my lap, it's useable.
Any other position/orientation, between the flappy keyboard thing and the weight of it, it really isn't comfortable at all.

3. Orientation
Although it's true that I do typically use my ipad in landscape orientation, it's good to know I can rotate it when I need..
Like when someone posts a portrait phone-video to YouTube, so I flip around to see it as large as possible.
This doesn't seem to support portrait, which is odd, because Windows does.. how silly..


At least it doesn't have a god awful fan blasting away at you.
So, there's that, I suppose.

Rating : 2/5 - Not light enough to be a tablet, and not sturdy enough to be a laptop.

Oh yeah, and if you flip the keyboard over, to use it as "just a tablet", the bloody keys are on the back and you keep tapping them by mistake..

|update| Apparently there's a Rubik's Magic style way of folding the keyboard back, in, under, and around itself. .. how intuitive.. |update|

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Posted : Monday, 04 November 2019, 09:38
I hope you charged him for your time and expertise... Cheeky bastard.
Posted : Monday, 04 November 2019, 14:43
Nah, it was a simple enough job, and I got to see him and his two kids, both of whom have grown up oodles since I last saw them.
The eldest is starting Secondary, next year! Has it been that long since my whole Hospitalisation?? ... .. Yes.. Yes it has.. :\

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