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Created : 25 May 2023
Edited : 25 May 2023

#612 - Zelda Zelda Zelda!

Weekly Newsletter

Zelda Zelda Zelda!

#612 - Thursday 25th May, 2023

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Every Thursday, Another Opal


Missed Week

Oh dear.
I blame Zelda.
Literally 4 or 5 hours of every day for the past week have been spent roaming the lands of Hyrule.
My coding has fallen to an all-time low, and I'm even struggling to fit in time for an ALChoon.

I expect there's a lot of that going around, as the forum's been fairly barebones over the past couple of weeks, hence my decision not to do the newsletter last week.
Had I done it, it would've mostly consisted of "The xyz thread had a couple of posts on it." and not much else.
Honestly, it's been ominously quiet on the site, the past couple of weeks.
But there's enough to pad out a newsletter, this week, so let's get on to that, eh!?!


Hitting the Max

Spinal's MaxFPS creation is hitting the limits of what the AI can manage to cope with.
Hopefully he's got a nose, now.

Frickin' Laser!!!

Pakz created a lovely looking swirly sine-wave based Laser Beam effect.


May Be Arty

The month of May is drawing to a close, and the art thread's been.. Lacklustre at best. Which is a shame.
I enjoyed the challenge of having to use my own art skills to create little pictures each day.

OK, time to think about next month's challenge, then.
Any suggestions?!
Do we go back to doing a MindPoke?
Suggestions are, as always, much appreciated.


Hugging Thread

The hugging thread exists to give hugs to any/all those who are on the site.
Please give hugs to your fellow forum members.



Windows is finally adding the ability to extract .rar files, along with .7zip and more.
Will it manage the odd .lha/.lzx archive, too!?!
Bet it can't!!
Are you happy that you can now easily un-rar an archive?
Or, like me, do you install WinRar because "Right-click, extract" is quicker than "Right-click, Extract Files, up pops a dialogue, click ok, "Done" click ok again, close the bloody thing, open the folder, because it put the single file inside a folder"
But, hey, Microsoft's gotta Microsoft!


Two Games?!

So engrossed was I, in the world of Zelda, that I forgot to post about last week's AGameAWeek game to the forum.
Here's two games I made, recently, then.
Turtle Trek and Sea Serpent.


In the realm of "How can I produce a music video without having to do anything", I used some Rollin' Rubber gameplay footage with some lyrics thrown on top, to go alongside a song about driving a car.
Hurray for extreme laziness!

Derek LoRA

I've released a version of the Derek LoRA that you can (maybe) use if you have a version of Stable Diffusion running on your system.
Now you, too, can generate stupid pictures of Greenie with his inexplicably numerous limbs!!



This week's questions have been fairly fun to answer, but nobody else is joining in.
I might scrap this feature come June.
Kinda feels like me just chatting to myself, and that's not a good thing.
Time to go.


Hello Zaros

Zaros has joined the forum, this week. A old BlitzCoder member, who's been around for as long as the rest of us.
Say hi, and maybe send a hug!

Podcast Section

Model Railways

The QI-Elves discuss model railways, and other delights.
Was the Pied Piper real?
How about William Tell?
Do you know what they use to make the tiny miniature bits of coal, to look like real coal, on a model railway?
How many train sets does a typical Nazi leader have?
Find out in this fascinating episode.

Kelsey Lewin

Co-director of the Video Games History Foundation, she definitely knows about a LOT of games!!!
Hear what games she'd pick for her Perfect Console.


A conversation with the writers of the new Secrets of the Mogwai series.
All about movies, laserdisc, and other such things.
They also discuss the fact that they're all about early 40s and how they have varied movie tastes based on a very limited age range.

Bonus Tube

Linus Quits

Linus will no longer be the CEO of Linus Media Group, et all.

Greenie's Poetry of the Week

In the land of Hyrule, so green and serene
A hero named Link was destined to be seen
His sword and his shield, his courage so bright
He set out to conquer the darkness of the night

Through forests and deserts, he bravely did go
Fighting monsters and goblins, his courage did show
With bombs and with arrows, he battled with might
And defeated each foe, in a fierce and fair fight

The Triforce of Wisdom, he sought to find
And save the Princess, his heart so kind
With dungeons to conquer, puzzles to solve
His quest was not easy, but his spirit did evolve

Through trials and tribulations, he persevered
And in the end, his victory was cheered
With the Master Sword in hand, and his foes all gone
Link had saved the land, and his legend lived on

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Thursday, 25 May 2023, 05:17
Kelsey Lewin is a cutie

Might try to catch up with the images over the weekend, this month has been chaotic to say the least for a few of us, good job keeping up with it all!