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Created : 21 May 2020

#468 - Twelve Days of News

Weekly Newsletter

; Twelve Days of News

#468 - Thursday 21st May, 2020

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Every Thursday, Still Indoors, Listening to Anamanaguchi


; Hello World

Mum's starting to get a little stir crazy in the house.
I've been trying my best to keep her cheery, as best as I can.
We've been watching a bunch of comedies, including a new Billy Connolly show that BBC Scotland have been doing on Thursday nights.
She also really enjoyed the "Antiviral Wipe", too.

Starting to run out of content, though.
Maybe she'll enjoy Limmy..
.. :\

Hope you're all staying safe and sane throughout all of this chaos, as well as your family.
Don't forget to check on far away relatives, too.
ascii hugs for all.


; Monitor Menu

Spinal turns his attempt at a Degaussing simulator, into a fully fledged Monitor Simulator.
Tilt, Brightness and more, as well as the all important Degauss.

; Normal Photos

What's the last normal photo that you took before the Covid Lockdown?
Out and about, being with people. "Normal" stuff that, nowadays, might not be considered normal.


; Imperia

I've googled the description for this week's Word of the Week, but I haven't got a clue how to turn that into a pic.
Any takers?


; Covid News

Rychan and Krakatomato let us know how things are going, with Krakatomato having gone through the worst of it, and Rychan having been kept away from his family.
How have you held up through all of this?
Let us know, and vent your anger and frustrations, as well as the reliefs, as things start to get back to some kind of new normality.

; RIP - Fred Willard

You know him. Maybe not by name, but you do. He's been in tons of stuff.


; GTA V Free

Available as part of Epic's attempt to suck up as many users as they can.
GTAV has been available for the past week or so, and could maybe perhaps still be free today. I'm not sure exactly when the offer ends.
There's a 100Gb download waiting for you, if you dare!

; Unreal Engine 5

The tech certainly does look impressive, but can games ever actually look this good within a half decent timescale/budget?
Will we ever really see games this impressive within the next few years?


; Wildlife

Waroffice captures some outdoor footage!

View on YouTube

; Tuneage

Anders Enger Jensen's latest album.


; New Horizons

View on YouTube

; What the Fox?


; Musical Interlude


; Loud


; Who's There?


; Random song-in-my-head



; Monk

How would Monk cope in the pandemic?

View on YouTube

; RPitari



; One of the Stations

None of the trains..

View on YouTube

; Lego C64 Drive


; Lego Storage


; RHLSTPend?

Is this the final RHLSTP in front of an audience?

Xmas Covid Corner

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube



VGRemix Corner

; Legend of Synthwave

An entire album of Zelda covers

View on YouTube

.. and another!

Lockdown Fever

; Chesney Hawkes

View on YouTube

; Kaleidoscope


; Anamanaguchi


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