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Created : 20 June 2023
Edited : 06 December 2023

Goto Bungalow

April 2023
We decide to get rid of my brown bookcases. They don't suit the room. For the past year or so, I've been trying to decide what to replace the brown bookcases with. Should we just paint them, or shall I opt for something bigger and better?

Early May 2023
Me and Mum start redoing the bedroom and end up with everything going into boxes whilst we replace the unit.
We got rid of the unit by early May and were left with a room full of boxes.

Thought process
If we buy new units, the same crap will end up in the same place, but on different coloured shelves
Why don't we rethink it a bit more....

.. Oh, are we both thinking the same thing?
That's not a good thing to be thinking..

Late May 2023
The Estate Agent has valued our house at around £175k, so we know roughly the ballpark to look for, insofar as bungalows are concerned.
We start house-hunting/bungalow-hunting, and found a couple of really nice ones, but can't yet put an offer in, or anything like that, as our financial situation is such that we need to sell the house before we can move forward.
.. Dare we?

7th June 2023
Our house goes on the Market

For the next week we have to keep bobbing in and out of the house, walking around the village, whilst the estate agents give people tours around our house.

15th June 2023
We get the first offer. It's WAY too low for us to afford a bungalow in the area.

16th June 2023
The first offer is upped to our original asking price, and we're fairly sure we can afford a bungalow at that price.
We accept the offer. Our house is sold.
Meanwhile, my sister lets us know of a lovely bungalow. We'd already looked at it a couple of weeks earlier, but it vanished from the market before we had a chance for a viewing.
.. But, hey, there it is again..!!
We book a viewing.

17th June 2023
My Niece takes us up there.
All three of us are smitten with the bungalow, and also the area.
An entire estate filled with bungalows!
Offer Submitted.
Offer Accepted.
We bought a bungalow.

Subject to Conditions, and all the solicitor's gubbins, and all the surveyor's results, and any number of other things that could go wrong, Jay and Mum will soon be moving into a lovely 1960s bungalow.

The crazy shit's all yet to come, packing up a whole house with 36 years worth of crap in it, is going to be intense.
Moving it all into a smaller building is going to be even crazier.

I've declared a break over at AGameAWeek, this morning, and this will be that same thing.
I'll keep trying to do what I can, but over the past few weeks I've found code-thinking to be getting harder and harder. That'll come back once I'm settled and relaxed, but for now there'll be no gamedev from me!

There might be a few "quirks" on the site during all the moving, since a lot of things get triggered by me visiting the site. (I really should automate those!) but I don't expect anything really drastic to happen.


OK, Let's a-go! Bungalow!!

31st October 2023
Finally moved into the Bungalow.



Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 04:34
Hope everythign goes well with the future move, don't skimp on the movers
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 04:55
The movers will be the same company that moved us here, 36 years ago. We were happy to learn they're still around!
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 05:44
That's pretty damn good going!
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 07:54
Love you and your Mum very much and can only say congratulations!!! Very happy for you both, and wishing you a peaceful and stress-free move. Praying that all goes well.

Carpe diem your asses off!!

ps. Looking forward to pics of the new home

Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 14:45
How do you think Molly will handle things?
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 15:17
We're not 100% sure, nor are we sure how we're going to keep her sane whilst the removal men are here.
It's very much a *shrugs* scenario for Molly right now.
Current plan is to lock her in her carry-cage thing, and get someone to take me and her to the new place, ahead of the Removal men, but then I think Mum has to be there to accept the key, so..
Honestly, that's very much not planned well at all
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 15:34
You know how many cats I had and how many trips I made back and forth to Mississippi with them in the backseat. From personal experience...

1. Vets can give you mickeys, but then the kitties are tripping balls and in some cases are more freaked out than they would have been without the mickey.

2, Benadryl is available over the counter here, and I am assuming it is there. The vet said to give the cats half a pill.

3. Personally, what worked best for all of our cats, is this:


You have to make sure you get the one for cats or pets, as it does not have alcohol in it, like the one for people does. When I lived in Maryland, my Mom's neighbor worked with an animal rescue organization that would fly around the country and help rescue dogs and cats after catastrophes like hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes. She swore by Rescue Remedy and they used it for all of their animals. Worked good for all of ours, better than the other things. Kept them calm and relaxed.
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 19:55
Good luck.

Housing prices over here are slowly dropping. It was rising year after year until the average price was like 400.000. Investors bought anything they could and rented out at double the norm. Lots of homeless people living with family and such.
A financial news anchor was bragging that a group of houses was his pension..
Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 20:40
Wifey passes along her love and says she is very happy for you guys.

Thursday, 22 June 2023, 07:50
Oh, god, the paperwork's doing my head in.
Things like the conveyancer sending me things that I have to send to the solicitor, but the conveyancer is already working for the solicitor's firm, so I, in essence, am just the middleman for two people who probably work in the same building, miles away from me.

Solicitor "please send us the house deeds ASAP"
Estate Agent "Hold on to those deeds, you'll need them.."

Not helping, guys!! Sort this shit out!!
Thursday, 22 June 2023, 10:18
@Jay You got this! Don't let it stress you.
Thursday, 22 June 2023, 10:18
I hope the move goes well Jay, also I hope Molly accepts the new house.
Thursday, 22 June 2023, 10:29
\o/ \o/ aargh \o/ \o/
Thursday, 22 June 2023, 12:07
Thursday, 22 June 2023, 12:35
That was supposed to look a bit like the Kermit gif where he's flailing his arms in complete panic.

I think we'll have to ring the solicitor tomorrow. Emails are going unanswered, and things have stalled... Getting stupidly lengthy, compared to last week.
Friday, 23 June 2023, 00:10
Take some deep breaths and destress.
Friday, 23 June 2023, 00:56
Mum's Google account got hacked, this morning...
Deep breaths are so far from my mind, right now, that I'm gasping like a fish.
Friday, 23 June 2023, 01:06
Damn, WTF!
Friday, 23 June 2023, 01:08
Hugs to Mum.
Friday, 23 June 2023, 10:11
Mum's in the attic, passing stuff to sister who's standing on my desk, who then passes stuff to me on the floor so I don't have to look up.
... Halfway through and the bloody house phone rings, and as the only person currently on the floor, I'm left to go rushing down the stairs to answer the phone. ..
Thankfully they let it ring for a decent amount of time, because rushing I was not.
Puffed out, now.

We definitely need a bungalow!!!
Friday, 23 June 2023, 10:35
Within the loft, many items were dumped into whatever box happened to be in the house at the time, and as we got further and further back in the loft, the boxes got older and older, until....

> Reveal 🔎
Friday, 23 June 2023, 10:41
This one, meanwhile...

> Reveal 🔎
Friday, 23 June 2023, 11:26
Box as it is now probably would taste better than the cereal did back in early '88. Just saying.
Tuesday, 27 June 2023, 16:53
Still waiting for info.
I'm going to email the estate agent tomorrow, to see if they've heard anything yet.
Our surveyor checked the bungalow on Friday, and said the report should be with us in a week or so. Meanwhile, we haven't yet heard about the house buyer's surveyor, or how long their Land Search is going to take.
If they do a "complete" search, it might take up to FOUR MONTHS...???!! Holy fucking shit..

The Skip arrives tomorrow for all the crap we dug out of the loft, as well as the millions of VHS tapes which were under my bed.
I might start being sensible with my downsizing, and send a hundred or so DVDs to the charity shop. After all, how often have I watched anything other than the Stargate/Red Dwarf ones? They get watched once, then again with the commentary, then never again...
Time to get rid.

So much to do, but I still want it to be quick though.
I'm really excited about the new street. A much smaller looped road for occasional walks, and then a larger loop around the back way, for when I'm feeling strong enough for a good stroll.
If I'm super-duper strong, there's even a canal nearby, which I think is about the distance from home to the village, give or take. That would certainly be a nice walk to take.


Gotta get the bungalow first, though!! I really hope that things don't go so slowly that either the buyers for here, or the seller there, pull out.
That'd be a right royal fuxake..
Tuesday, 27 June 2023, 18:19
Sounds like some mighty nice walking areas. Like in TN, here I am on a big hill, which sucks for walking, but at the bottom of the hill, in town, there is a lovely river walk, along with plenty of parks, many with walking trails.

You are in the hurry up and wait phase. It will pass. The worst for us, was when the house in MS finally sold and they sent us the check overnight via FedEx. Took over 2 weeks to get the damn check because the drivers could not find our house in the country.

|update| -=-=- |update|
And to think, this all started with wanting to get rid of bookcases. *smiles* Truly am happy for you, Mum and Molly.
Thursday, 29 June 2023, 05:05
Spent an hour today unpacking three of the boxes and repacking them into smaller boxes, whilst being strong and sensible, and putting about 2/3rds of my DVD collection in a charity box.
Stargate, Red Dwarf and Quantum Leap, as well as a couple of Japanese movies, are now my only DVDs.
Thursday, 29 June 2023, 05:12
I take it there's probably not enough time to back them up, unless you already have?

Sounds like things are progressing well though, hope it goes smoothly for y'all
Thursday, 29 June 2023, 05:48
Most, if not all of my DVDs are available via streaming on one platform or another. Shame about the lack of extras, but otherwise they're all there.
The extras are the reasons I'm keeping the ones I am.
Thursday, 29 June 2023, 05:52

Last week we decided to scrap the 40 year old couch.
The padding was all deteriorating, the fabric was a mess, and unlike 20 years ago when me and mum reupholstered the whole thing, we're not quite in the mood to do it all again.
But my sister was livid!!!
Instead, then, we spent £170 for two large foam lengths, and though they need trimmed a bit, they'll do the job with a large waffle-throw on top.

If we ever find the time to do a "proper" job, we know where to order some good foam.
No idea on the proper fabric, though. I bet that'd be expensive as hell!
Thursday, 29 June 2023, 10:26
Ack, can't get rid of the couch, if the bookcases make you change houses, the couch will make you change countries. *big grin* Seriously though, 20 years ago, foam wasn't that great and 10 years back memory foam wasn't that great, but memory foam is really good now. Some decent foam and that couch will be comfy.

Deceased wifey and I were of the same belief not to have couches and furniture like that, because if somebody visits, they are going to want to sit down. No place for them to sit, they get tired of standing really quick and leave.

Current wifey, has furniture. Soon as I got here, I bought a new couch for the living room for 25 cents. Not a typo. Lovely couch. Seriously, it was in excellent shape.
Also bought a rocker/recliner for two dollars. Dog likes the couch and the cat likes the rocker/recliner. Thrift shops on sale days does wonders.
Friday, 30 June 2023, 04:33
Holy hell with the forms..
Have to send Legal Aid some stuff, but that's still in Mum's maiden name, and all kinds of crap has arisen from this.
Doesn't help that mum's marriage certificate is currently over at the solicitor's, and that the solicitor is only email/phone based.
If an Estate Agent recommends a Solicitor, fucking ignore them and get your own.
Friday, 30 June 2023, 09:31
Hang in there. Selling a home and buying a new home is always a mess. You will get through it.
Friday, 30 June 2023, 09:45
And, just when you thought you were done, an extra form arrives in the post, because.. Of course an extra form arrives in the post.

They haven't sent ANYTHING in the post, so far. This one, we have to sign to declare that the red box shows our property.
Why was that not emailed like every other thing has been!?!

Oh my god...
Stressing like a pickle.

I *think* we're ready, though. Get this to them, and all should be ready to go.
Or at least, I bloody well hope so.
Oh my god..

Then it's waiting.
Waiting for the buyer to finish all his stuff, and waiting for the seller to get rid of all those sodding ornaments that are filling the bungalow.
Friday, 30 June 2023, 09:54
You got this!
Tuesday, 04 July 2023, 10:20
Oh, fuck.. Sounding like the property might be a Shared Ownership scenario.. Didn't say that anywhere in the listing.
Might be back to square one.
Solicitor (who WILL be billing us a fuckton) is trying to find out more.
Tuesday, 04 July 2023, 14:10
That's massive negligence, i hope they haven't missed that out FFS.
Tuesday, 04 July 2023, 14:11
Tuesday, 04 July 2023, 16:10
So, they were looking to 'milk' the home for income? Throw you out at any point if they want?
Tuesday, 04 July 2023, 16:21
Wednesday, 05 July 2023, 03:12
OK.. Morning. Lots of ringing. Lots more information.

Here's the deal..

The bungalow is "currently" under shared ownership with the council, from whom the previous owner had part-purchased it due to not being able to afford it in full.
The previous owner is the mother of the current owner. (They haven't told us if that's a Care-Home or .. not.. situation)

The price we're paying for the property will cover the cost of paying the current owner (her son) for her part of the share, but ALSO for him to pay the council for the remainder of the property.
Their estate agent, and the owner have both informed us that the property will 100% be ours, based on the price we're paying.
(And we've specified that we want that in writing!!!!)

Fuck me, the stress that that's caused us for the past half a day has been fucking mental.
Wednesday, 05 July 2023, 03:28
That is good news. Take a good rest if needed.
Wednesday, 05 July 2023, 05:04
Am glad for the news. *big grin*
Saturday, 08 July 2023, 11:45
Still no news from the buyers yet.
It's been over a week since we heard anything from their end. I sure do hope the economic downfall of civilisation hasn't scuppered their mortgage plans.

Meanwhile, been playing with the iPad app RoomSketcher (Free but with lots of opportunities to pay for things!!) and vaguely planning the layout of the furniture in the bungalow, but with a mindset of "All these measurements are probably way off, especially since it doesn't even show the kitchen door"
We're going to need to do a proper set of measurements, but those won't come until after we're certain that things are going through. .. apparently.
More waiting..

Sunday, 09 July 2023, 14:42
Glad to hear the news is good atleast, long may that continue
Tuesday, 11 July 2023, 02:17
Latest news. The buyer's surveyor won't be here until the 24th of July. Ugh.. This is where it all slows to a crawl.
Two whole entire weeks!?!?
Bah, humbug..
Tuesday, 11 July 2023, 12:23
I am sorry for the delays you are facing.
Wednesday, 12 July 2023, 09:42
Buyers have had their mortgage approved.
Wednesday, 12 July 2023, 12:54
With all you are going through, just imagine how you will feel once it is yours, you are moved in and have been in your new home for a month and settled in with what will be your new routine. You will be stress-free Zenmaster Jay!
Friday, 21 July 2023, 09:58
Mum and Uncle took a bus-based trip to the bungalow, today, mostly to nosey around the estate and have a mooch at the outside of the bungalow.
They got there easily enough, and Uncle looked at the state of the windows, suggesting they oughta take priority over the roof.. .. though, he also suggested the roof might not last the winter! Eek.
All of this we knew, though. That should hopefully be covered by the leftover cash from the sale/purchase of the property.

They also had a short chat with a couple of the neighbours, who appeared to be quite friendly.

Mum's still set on the bungalow! Thankfully!!

Still waiting for the buyer's surveyor which should be Monday.
Friday, 21 July 2023, 10:20
Looking forward to Monday!

Egads! Windows and Roof? My question would be if the windows are to the point they need replacing, are there any issues with the interior or exterior walls due to leakage?
Friday, 21 July 2023, 10:48
They're old wooden frames with double glazing in. The wood's seriously rotted, and that's now the primary thing we need to fix.
(The external doors, too, same deal)
We're hopeful we can get a nice deal for a total update to PVC windows and doors.
Fuck me that's going to be expensive.

Honestly, haven't a fucking clue how much that's going to cost.
Friday, 21 July 2023, 12:34
Yeah, all that has gone up since Covid and over here, it is months long delays getting windows delivered once ordered. Would help if I could. Generally good at those kind of repairs.
Saturday, 22 July 2023, 03:49
Mum woke up at 4am, worrying about the state of the windows and doors in the bungalow.
Reading through the surveyor's report, she was listing all manner of things, like the state of the ceiling and more.
I had to calm her down, once I'd woken up at 8, but by then she'd been stressing about it for hours.

"We'll have nothing left", she stressed, worrying about the state of our bank accounts once we've shelled out for all this.
"It's ok, Mum.. We will have something. We'll have a lovely new bungalow."
She's off in bed, now.
I'm not sure if she's off in bed because she's happy with the realisation that we'll have a nice new bungalow in a nice new place, with lovely new neighbours... .. Or if she just wanted away from me being cheery whilst she was all worried..

Saturday, 22 July 2023, 09:55
Please give Mum a big hug from all of us.
Saturday, 22 July 2023, 10:52
She seems ok. I think it helped her to think about what an improvement all the new windows and doors would make to an already lovely bungalow.
We went through the surveyor's report of the bungalow again, and everything was indeed as expected, and even less scary when you take the windows and doors out of the equation. What's left is "just" the roof and guttering which we've already hopefully budgeted for. Though, at this point that depends on just how expensive all the windows and doors are going to be.

We then sat and semi-planned the kitchen, and will be taking our Welsh dressers with us to allow for extra storage space in the dining room.
It should all fit in there.. I think!

I have to keep reminding Mum that, as many boxes as we've filled, and are having to take with us, the space that we've filled up with boxes will be the same amount of space in the Bungalow. We've only filled up my bedroom, her bedroom and the dining room. And all three of those rooms are roughly the same size in the bungalow. So, no matter how much crap we ARE taking, and as much as we are downsizing to a smaller 2 bedroom building, everything we've packed should be able to fit in there, even if it's all stuffed in cardboard boxes.
It's taken a few times to get her to understand that, but I think she's got it, now!

Also, when we went viewing the property, the majority of the front bedroom was taken up by a double-bed right in the middle of the room. You opened the door and, blammo, bed in your face!!!!
We've since reorganised it with the room-layout app from the other day, and .. assuming all the measurements are right.. the new layout opens up the room a ton. The bed's off in the corner, where it's less in-your-face, and the door opens towards it, meaning you see the room when you enter, instead of just the bed.

I sure do hope everything goes ok...
... ugh..


Saturday, 22 July 2023, 15:45
That organizes up quite nicely.
Sunday, 23 July 2023, 12:15
Are the boxes this bad?

Sunday, 23 July 2023, 12:41
Not quite that bad, no

> Reveal 🔎
Monday, 24 July 2023, 13:08
Surveyoring done. The surveyor won't send us the report though. That's a bit frustrating.
The buyers should get the report in the next few days, and from there either things go downhill or carry on as before.
Who knows what'll happen.
Monday, 24 July 2023, 13:30
Wishing for the best and looking forward to pics of your first Christmas in your new home!
Monday, 24 July 2023, 14:12

I want to see stop motion tetris of the boxes being piled up then vanishing one by one as they're unpacked
Monday, 24 July 2023, 15:00
Monday, 24 July 2023, 15:10
Jay's moving as a South Park episode.

> Reveal 🔎
Monday, 24 July 2023, 15:37
Unpacking is going to take time. Remember that I started packing these boxes back in May!
.. and the books still aren't packed yet, nor are the last minute items.

It's hard for me to do much at once, motion issues being one reason, but also my general lacklustre energy/fitness levels of late. I reckon I'll probably need at least a week to recover from the stresses of the actual move itself!!!

The plan is, however, to use the tops of both the desk and chests of drawers, to fit some of those ikea boxey Kallax shelving units on.
A slim one above the drawer-side of the desk to hold a few consoles, with the telly on the right side of the desk, should suffice for most tech things, all in one neat package.
Then a wider set of those atop the chests of drawers to hold all my little trinkets and starships and such..

> Reveal 🔎
Friday, 28 July 2023, 16:00
"No, no, we're quite sure my dad got permission to build the conservatory, back in 1989.."
... several hours later...

Oh fuck.. oh fuckity fuck.
Things may be spiralling out of control, and the solicitors have all fucked off for the weekend.
Friday, 28 July 2023, 19:33
If he didn't, they are just now noticing it may have been built without a permit?
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:38
Does that work similar to other buildings, where if the correct autorities don't notice it, after x amount of years it is retroactivly given permission?
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:45
I hope so..
But since he built it himself, we also have absolutely no proof that it's been there that long.
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 05:09
Surely it looks older than a couple of years though? I heard a building only needs to up for 3 years or something.... Not a lawyer.
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 07:08
Indeed. Hopefully the "Is a lawyer" can work this out, but we have to wait until Monday for them to get back to us.
Goddamned weekends.
Tuesday, 01 August 2023, 03:33
*sigh* What a weekend.

Them : Please include contact details for your freeholder, Mr and Mrs <removed for security reasons>
Us : Who the fuck are Mr and Mrs <removed for security reasons>?

And then Mum has to go to Niece's wedding, and I get stuck with so much paperwork it's insane.
Eventually I got through to Bolton at Home, and they put their best people onto the job. About half an hour ago, they finally got back and asked who I paid ground rent to.. Bolton Council or Bolton at Home.. "Bolton at Home" says I.. To which the lady suggested that if I'm paying them, instead of the council, then they are our Freeholders.
.. But she didn't seem certain about that.
We chatted on the phone for a good 20 minutes or so, with her looking up terms you've never heard of in your life, and getting as confused about it all as I was, but in the end we both agreed, it's probably right.. maybe.. possibly.. But to the best of her knowledge, it's them, not the Mr and Mrs <removed for security reasons>.


So now I have to send off a questionnaire that has an address field box, and scribble in as much of that into the little gap beside the address field box that I can, in the hope that someone, somewhere, can make head-nor-tails of the whole sodding thing.

Fuxakes all 'round.
Tuesday, 01 August 2023, 03:48
Tuesday, 01 August 2023, 15:23
Planning Permission situation. Apparently the buyers can apply for a one-time-payment insurance policy, which should protect them against anything that might happen once the Freeholders discover the "illegal" structure!!
They'll want to take that out of the purchase price, though, so will likely cost us about 2k or so.
Gawd, solicitors sure are good at ripping away your money, aren't they!?!
Tuesday, 01 August 2023, 19:56
Yes, our lawyer took us for over $10,000 trying to get Carolyn's health insurance reinstated.
Wednesday, 02 August 2023, 08:23
6 forms, 13 additional pieces of paperwork, so many pages printed out, and I've included an index of contents, as well as a few photos of the roofing work along with a QR Code and URL if they want to download the complete set of timestamped before and after roof-work photographs.
I feel like I've been the solicitor, today.
Took about 5 hours out of my day.
They should be paying me.

And fuck knows how mum could've done all of that on her own if I wasn't around.
She sure as hell wouldn't have had that much printer paper around, for starters, let alone the printer, or the internet connection, or the technology to do any of this.

If your parent/guardian ever opts to move house, help them.. Help them a lot, and be there for every step, because .. Daamn, it is NOT easy to do.


Today's paperwork included getting a witness to watch Mum sign the contract, and have them sign it, too.
There's still the kerfuffle about the conservatory and who the hell the freeholders are, but we're fairly certain that that's been agreed upon enough that we can move on from it.
They haven't yet gotten back to us about the possibility of the insurance for the legal stuff involved with the conservatory, but otherwise I don't think there's much else to do.

Waiting for a clarification on whether we date the last of the forms. They said not to date the other forms, but I can't remember if we're supposed to date this last one.

Then it's popping it in a recorded-delivery envelope, and ..

Another 6 months waiting, probably!
Wednesday, 02 August 2023, 12:50
That's me ready to go.
Bought my first ever laptop bag, today

Wednesday, 02 August 2023, 14:58
My lappies are always in a case when not in use. Not easy to find a case that fits right either, as you can't go by screen size anymore because of all of the different aspect ratios. You have to go by the dimensions of the laptop itself and the inner dimensions of the case. Usually you can find something that fits it nice and snug. Found some good brands as well that make something well-padded.
Wednesday, 02 August 2023, 15:37
Yeah, I tend to go chunky on laptop cases also, if they're too big you can always just cut some styrofoam and problem solved
Wednesday, 02 August 2023, 15:46
Mine is..
A) Only temporary and will likely only be used on the day of moving.
B) For a Macbook... Everyone knows how big those are!
C) Cheap, (I think?!) at only £13.

It's quite nicely padded, and I reckon the iPad could probably fit snuggly in with the MacBook, though I'm not sure whether to face the iPad's screen towards the MacBook or towards the fluffy interior of the bag.. hmm...
Might stick a T-shirt in there, too, just to be on the safe side.
Friday, 04 August 2023, 19:48
Been a silent couple of days.
The giant bundle of forms and stuff got sent off on Thursday, recorded delivery, and we know they got the bundle Friday morning because the tracking said so. .. It'd better be true, and not some lying little postie who's stolen all our details!!!

Was really expecting to hear at least something, today, but .. silence..

Oh well.
Meanwhile, I've been playing "Google the postcode" and out of the 15 houses on the street, I now know the names / house number / occupations of 7 people, from 5 of the houses, so that's nice... And not in the slightest bit creepy..
I made a little map, and wrote all their names on it.
Yeah, Google's not a security risk at all!
Friday, 04 August 2023, 21:08
Poor guy is being driven mad by the delays... *hugs*
Friday, 04 August 2023, 23:55
Nice laptop bag. I have a bunch of bags for my laptops. My previous work laptop had none. I had it stand in the dust for all this time. The usb port on one side does not work anymore. Think it is the dust as that side is always on the dust receiving side.

I now buy bags and covers and cases for any new device. Just for making sure it stays dust free. I got one for the apple pencil a while ago and for the usb typing keyboard.

edit: note to self - My old xbox controller had dust/dirt in it and the buttons sometimes would not work. I need to order a case for the new controller this black friday!
Saturday, 05 August 2023, 00:14
Like Pakz, I generally get cases for pretty much everything and when not being used, it is in a case. Keeps it clean and dust free and protects against accidents, including spills and drops.
Monday, 07 August 2023, 10:33
Booked the Quote for removals! Eeek!!!
That's not until the 25th. Have asked them what happens if things go quicker than that. She's not got back, yet!!
Monday, 07 August 2023, 10:41
So does it look like it is going to be a done deal now? Have purposely held off doing the "Jay and Mum and Molly have got a new house" interpretive dance.
Monday, 07 August 2023, 10:58
Solicitor takes Mondays off (ffs) so, we're still waiting to hear anything.
But we've been emailing with the removal folk, and decided it best to get a quote just in case.
Prepared, and all that!!!
Monday, 07 August 2023, 11:05
Mondays off? Must be nice. *rolls eyes*
Tuesday, 08 August 2023, 09:28
Email from the Solicitor : "Don’t worry , all normal so far."

... I'm worrying. That punctuation isn't solicitor-grade!!
Thursday, 10 August 2023, 23:18
Any news?
Friday, 11 August 2023, 01:36
Friday, 11 August 2023, 08:25
Vague news : Buyers of the house have decided to send an electrician around. They'll be here on Tuesday to check things out.
The buyer has an electric car, so we're assuming it'll be to test that the house's electronics are stable enough to cope.

.. It can happily cope with the kettle and toaster on, at the same time. Should be alright
Friday, 11 August 2023, 08:32
People around here with a Tesla (or a car capable of a Tesla connection) are quite happy as the Indian reservation has about 8 or so Tesla chargers that are free to use. Worth the 10 minute drive there to charge it quickly.
Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 05:42
Electrician's been.
He was quite chatty and happy, and seemed like he knew what he was doing.. Gud gud! We asked for his number so we can get him to do the Bungalow once we're in it.

Fault wise, he complained that there's some kind of two-layer power network going on, instead of a "proper" ring, so it wouldn't be able to cope with anything that uses too much power. (eg, charging his electric car)
There's signs of wiring degradation, but given it's not been changed since '87, it's actually held up pretty well.
It could really do with a complete rewiring, though, but he estimated no more than about £3k to do all the necessary work.

Now, whether the buyers have budgeted for that, or if they ask to reduce the price they're paying us to pay for it, we're not sure..
Guess we'll find out in a few days.
Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 06:20
Meanwhile, at the bungalow...

The Estate Agents for the bungalow have just rang to let us know that the current shed is rotted to buggery and the owner has had to remove it.
.. That's ok, though. We already had "New Shed" in our budget!
We stressed "It's ok, don't worry" to them.
I think the seller of the bungalow is worried that we might be abandoning it, due to all the work that needs doing on the windows/doors/roof, and is kinda freaking out. We have to keep telling them it's ok, and we're still within budget.
.... Though, that all depends on what happens with our buyers.

"No Chain" for us, "No Chain" for the bungalow, and .. we thought it was a case of "No Chain" for our buyers, but .. bloody 'ell, we're all waiting for them, now.
Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 08:42
As my grandmother was fond of saying, "Shit or get off the pot!" Lets get this show on the road. Time to get a cattle prod and start encouraging people to get moving!

Sounds like it is progressing, though. And that is a very fair bid on the cost to rewire the house.
Friday, 18 August 2023, 15:28
End of the week, any news?
Friday, 18 August 2023, 15:33
Not really. Been a slow week, if I'm honest.

The buyers have asked for a price reduction "For the obviously necessary rewiring"
.. We've offered no more than a 2K reduction, because they knew from the start that the rewiring was necessary.

They specifically asked to pull the fridge out, when doing the viewing, to see the wiring behind the fridge.
They knew...
They're getting nothing more than the 2K.
.. Mostly because I sure as hell can't afford anything more than that.

We're waiting to see what they say.
Friday, 18 August 2023, 16:53
Whether cars, houses, computers, guitars, anything really, when somebody is buying something used, they damn near want, and expect, to get it free or as close to free as possible.
Monday, 21 August 2023, 02:38
Another week begins, and no feedback at all, yet. But it's only half nine.
I've been pacing up and down a lot, this weekend.
The stresses of "Will they pull out?" have been far too much, and even Mum's been stressing out about it.
Gawd, I hope things go better this week.
Monday, 21 August 2023, 06:18
Hugs bro. Give Molly some cuddles to destress.
Monday, 21 August 2023, 07:00
They want 5K off.
We've said 4K, max.
Fucking hell.
Between the buyers wanting money off, the solicitor wanting more and more, and the estate agents taking their cut, we've got..
Assuming they buy with the 4K reduction, then £8K is our current "Leftover" amount after buying the bungalow.
From which we have to buy new windows, doors and roof.

God fucking damnit..
Monday, 21 August 2023, 10:37
They want you to pay $5,000 because they are dumbasses who were stupid enough to get caught up in the scam of electric vehicles, not realizing the expenses involved.
Monday, 21 August 2023, 15:47
Since you have a quote of 3k for the rewiring, tell them to jump.
Monday, 21 August 2023, 15:57
Some people buying an old house do not realize they are buying an old house and expect things to be new. I realize you guys have different wiring standards over there, voltages and plug shapes, etc, but if the wiring was redone in the 80's it is more than current enough.

Should have seen what our house in Mississippi was which was built in '68. Dear God it was horrible. Far worse than the house I am in now which was built in 1910.
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 03:12
4K not accepted, 5K reduction or no sale..

The choice now is either
a) We take that, and figure out some way to make up 5K ..
b ) Go back on the market, and go through all this hellscape again for another few months.
or c) Don't go back on the market, stay put, give up, bungalow over.

Me and Mum have decided that, since neither b or c are acceptable, we'll have to figure out a way to make choice a the more practical solution.

SoCoder's new £600p/m subscription model, coming soon! So exciting!
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 03:46
Oh no, sorry to hear of this new update, that's a real shitter.
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 04:15
I've now got a list of things to ask the Bungalow's estate agent.
We're NOT dropping our offer for the bungalow, because, you know.. Doing that is a shitty piece of shit thing to do, and I know fully well how much it can screw the seller. I wouldn't want to do that to anyone.

But I do want to double check a few things, like the state of the patio door, and whether the gas/electric are "normal" or if they're those pre-pay meters.
Things that we haven't yet discovered, that we may need to budget for.
.. You know, like how you're supposed to behave in this sort of transaction, instead of just taking money from other people, willy nilly.
God fucking damnit..

Stress levels in this house, today.. Through the roof.
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 05:48
Bungalow Estate Agent rang the current owner. Current owner suggests that the Patio Door is indeed secure. OK, I'll trust him.
Also, the gas and electric aren't those shitty pre-pay meters, and that the water is on a meter system, so that should at least save us from the £71 a month we're paying for our water. (We were considering switching to a meter earlier this year, but .. That went out of mind once everything else started coming into play)

The Estate Agent is also going to send us a nice list of local builders, roofers, plumbers, electricians, gas.. ..gasicians? gassiers? gassettes?.. Is there not a word for Gas folk? ... !? Gas technicians. That'll do.
Those. A nice list of them for us, once we're in there, which is nice of them.

Honestly, the best things of this entire move has been the Estate Agents. Happy to help, and great at their job.
Solicitors can fuck right off, though.
And buyers trying to skimp on the prices they already agreed on..
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 08:45
I *think* they're gas plumbers.
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 11:07
Over here gas guys are often the HVAC guys.
Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 11:31
Our house in Mississippi was originally listed for $127,000 and we then lowered it to $119,000. Once somebody was interested and they were buying it through a government program they qualified for, we had to accept less, plus we had to pay the closing costs. We ended up only getting $92,000 which was supposed to be overnighted to us and ended up taking two weeks to get it.

We did not want to take that little, but it is good we did, as it may have never sold before Carolyn died and it allowed us to pay off the new house, which I had been paying the mortgage on for six months. Also gave me a small nest egg to start a new life.

It killed us having to take so little for the house, especially after spending three years working on it, but we wanted to be rid of it. And we worked our asses off on the house so whoever bought it could simply move in, we did things our realtor said nobody would ever do to a house they are selling. But we did not want to keep hanging on to it and having to pay taxes on it, which were ridiculous in Mississippi.

FWIW, Jay, I think it definitely blows dead bear that you have to take such a hit, but I do think this is going to be a good thing for you and Mum and I would make the same decision in your circumstance and be just as unhappy about it.

There are simply people in this world that like to stick it to others like Ned Beatty bent over a moss covered log every chance they get. It has been my experience they eventually get their comeuppance sooner or later.

You are being the better man, Jay. Big hugs.
Saturday, 26 August 2023, 15:27
Removal quote.
Mrs Removal Quote lady came around on Wednesday, had to do the writeup and whatnot, and has only just emailed it at 10pm on a Saturday night. Poor lady must be working her socks off.

Quote was £850, which seems a little pricey, but we have faith in this firm.
They moved us from our old house, 37 years ago, when we had to leave Merehall Street in Bolton, as it was being demolished by the council. Ya, boo, sucks..
We kept in touch with a lot of the other families from the street, back then, and they all used the same firm, and have continued to do so, since, with their kids all growing up and families extending..
In fact, if you head to the "What Our Costumers Are Saying" (Their typo, not mine) section on their site, a couple of my old 1987 neighbours are actually on there, from reviews they posted recently!

So odd seeing their names on there, like that!
So, yeah, this is "our" removal firm, and they'll be the ones helping us on the day.

.. For £850.
.. Whenever that day happens to show up.

Come on, moving day!!!
Saturday, 26 August 2023, 19:16
Sounds like a good quote and a reputable company with many happy costumers.

Over here, you could not get somebody to move you next door for that price. Over here for that price, your experience would be like the movers in the Richard Pryor movie Moving.
Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 05:12
The week so far.
"What about James? Does he not have a passport?"
"Drivers License?"
Here's a bus pass from 1998.

Bank Statements are online, phone isn't a contract, etc, etc.

We got there in the end. A bunch of recent NHS appointment letters did the trick.
Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 05:24
Been through that a few times with myself. Did not have a photo ID in Maryland for many, many years after it expired. Needed two forms of photo ID to get a new ID and could not use an expired photo ID.

Am glad you got it sorted.
Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 05:57
You need 2 forms of photo ID to get a new ID and you can't us an expired one?

What the hell sort of logic is that? I can't think of any [legit] reason to need a new ID if the old ID hadn't expired.

I best keep renewing my passport, even if I never use it again.
Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 06:06
The logic (or lack thereof) was an expired ID is no longer legally valid, even though all of the info on it is still correct, it is simply expired.

Thankfully Tennessee was more sensible (and also behind Federal standards) and I was able to get an ID with no issues, which made it very easy to get a new ID here in Oregon that is supporting the latest Federal standards (Real ID).

Never could get an ID for Aimee in Maryland for the same reason, she had no ID until we moved to Tennessee.
Friday, 01 September 2023, 04:49
Heading to the bungalow tomorrow \o/yeay\o/
An appointment's been made, and a neighbour's offered to take me and Mum, so we can do the measuring.
The floorplan has been printed out, ready for sketching and marking all the measurements on, and photos will be taken of all the walls, and nooks and crannies that I can.

Other than that, though, been a quiet couple of days.
But it's Friday, and they usually throw us a massive curveball on Fridays, so we're preparing for whatever that might be, this week.
Friday, 01 September 2023, 04:58
So no extra spaaners in the works then? Everything starting to pick up?
Friday, 01 September 2023, 05:02
Not as of yet, no.
As far as we can tell, it's just the "What's going on with the Shared Ownership" thing, which the Solicitor's dragging out, and then just waiting on our buyers..
.. I think..!
But, man, is it ever dragging on..
Day 73 since I stopped doing AGameAWeek properly.
Friday, 01 September 2023, 05:40
Hoping things continue to progress and although I do not remotely understand "shared ownership", I am hoping it is not an issue.
Saturday, 02 September 2023, 07:22
Enjoy your outing!
Saturday, 02 September 2023, 09:58

"Had a lovely day"

The Estate Agent was supposed to meet us there, but was running far too late.
Luckily, then, the current owner had nipped around.. mostly just to meet us, as you do!
But he ended up showing us around and hanging about whilst we did the measuring.
The owner's a lovely fella, and we chatted about how his parents moved in there 37 years ago, how they'd both passed away late last year, and then got onto whinging about Solicitors and Solicitors and .. Well, honestly it's just our solicitor, at this point.
God damnit, they're taking ages.

But, yeah, everything looks great. There's a handle on the back door, now, and the odd random nail has gone from the floor of the bedroom. All good!
He showed us all the tech wires around the house. Virgin, BT, both wired up, gudgud.
He showed us where all the meters were, and even suggested the loft has indeed been floorboarded, but we told him we weren't going to be using it, as that's been one heck of a problem clearing things out from ours!!!

Honestly, it was a lovely day, and it was great meeting the owner.
Our neighbour also suggested that it was, not only a lovely looking area, but also the bungalow itself looked gorgeous.

Saturday, 02 September 2023, 14:03
I am so happy for you and your Mum. Sounds like a lovely place and a lovely new environment. Really digging the floor plan.

Wednesday, 06 September 2023, 05:07
Email, just now.. "Do you have the address of the Freeholders Mr and Mrs Fairhurst"

1st August.
Over a fucking month ago, I sent information about that.
What in the name of fucking hell has this god-damned fucking solicitor been doing for a fucking month.

Oh, the amount of swearing in this house, right now.
Thursday, 07 September 2023, 04:11
It's like they should almost be organised enough to do that themselves... ruddy nora!
Saturday, 09 September 2023, 04:11
OK, it's getting weird now.
Either the solicitor's "Digging too deep", and is faffing about with things that aren't actually important, dragging things on for monetary reasons..
... or the solicitor's "Digging too deep" and is unravelling layers of corruption within our local council!

There are "no records of payments" from the people we pay ground rent to, to the actual freeholders.
And since nobody can find the freeholders, we only have Bolton-At-Home's side of things.
Do they OWN the land, so they're our Freeholders?
Did they pay a ton of money to rent the land up front, so they don't have to pay ground rent to the freeholders for the full term of the lease?
.. Or .. have they just not been paying our ground rent to the freeholders for all this time?!!

It's all unravelling, an entire chunk of the village might be at risk, and .. in the meantime, this house isn't getting "sold" sold, any time soon.
Saturday, 09 September 2023, 14:57
Has nobody else in the village ever moved out?
Saturday, 09 September 2023, 15:04
Indeed they have, and someone across the road moved out only a few weeks ago.
We asked them who their freeholders are, and they said "Bolton at Home, obviously"
Everything was smooth sailing for them.

Us asking made them double-check their Title Deeds, and they're incredibly thankful that they got out when they did, because if this had been brought up just a few weeks ago....
They'd be stuck here like we are!
Monday, 11 September 2023, 09:20
*shakes head*
Honestly no idea what's going on.
Even the Estate Agent seems somewhat baffled, but we're hoping to move ahead with some generic insurance guff.
Thursday, 14 September 2023, 06:21
"The insurance will take 6 weeks"

.. The fuck kind of fucking insurance takes 6 fucking weeks?!
Friday, 15 September 2023, 14:49
I think the solicitor was feeling sorry for us. They sent over the contact and other sign'y stuff for the bungalow, today.
Mum's all "They only did that to make us feel better. It doesn't really matter"
and .. she's not wrong.
If the buyer's pull out due to this stupid 6-week wait thing, then nothing we do, Bungalow-wise, will make any difference whatsoever.

Hopefully they don't.
Six weeks, though..
Geeze, six...

We're hopeful that, by Monday or Tuesday (Solicitor takes Mondays off), we'll know what's going on with the buyers.
More endless waiting.

.. And signing and stuff, over the weekend.
Friday, 15 September 2023, 19:14
.. The fuck kind of fucking insurance takes 6 fucking weeks?!
We had roof damage back in November. The insurance finally just sent us the check last week (10 months!). We deposited the check and they were then nice enough to put a stop payment on the check. So, we are trying to get them to reissue it. So, we have still not been paid and it is almost 11 months now!

They also decided to cancel our insurance, simply because we used it and it was the only time it has been used in the 15 years Wifey has had insurance with them. Fuck State Farm!
Saturday, 16 September 2023, 00:09
A late payment once caused a tax being issued. It was a late payment from the year before that I got that next year. I think I had to pay 50% tax on that because it crossed a line in yearly income.

Last month I bought a washing and drying combination. This week the company folded leaving me with no warranty. It happened with my previous washing machine also.

This is why I always keep my savings account filled up to a tax free limit. Which is kind of nice with increasing interest now.
Thursday, 21 September 2023, 10:03
"Upcoming Leave 25th September – 10th October"

Oh, you had BETTER be leaving us with another fucking solicitor in the meantime...
Tuesday, 26 September 2023, 02:59
Seems the Estate Agent is doing all the hard work whilst the solicitor's off on her hols.
Which appears to mean they're looking into things more than they previously were, and hopefully things are getting moved along, now.

We've now got both sets of contracts signed, on our side. I have no idea if those contracts have/haven't been signed by the buyers/seller, but we're hoping that can't be too far off.
Waiting for that Absent Freeholder insurance quote.. Note : Just a Quote we're waiting for.. Because quotes take weeks.?
And the solicitor is doing some kind of poking around into the Bungalow's "Not a shared ownership" status. .. except they're on holiday, so isn't doing that.

Other than that, plain sailing.
Should be in by October 2024.
Thursday, 05 October 2023, 00:50
So, definitely looking like it is going to happen?

As to insurance, we finally found somebody to cover our house for insurance, but they refuse to cover the roof until we get it replaced. Right now, we can't afford the $30,000 to replace the roof, so...

At least finally got the insurance check from the old insurance company from the few shingles blowing last November. Took 11 months to get a check, and as I said before, the first check they sent last month bounced!
Friday, 06 October 2023, 06:55
Finally got that quote. Quote agreed upon. Waiting for next step..

> Reveal 🔎
Friday, 06 October 2023, 12:05
Solicitors need to be pestered to do anything.
Friday, 06 October 2023, 18:40
Solicitors need dog shock collars that you can zap when needed.

Glad it is progressing!
Thursday, 12 October 2023, 04:58
Solicitor back off holidays and is seemingly trying to get everything sorted, if not for the sake of a lovely house sale, then to get the hell rid of me constantly bombarding them.
.. and our Estate Agent constantly bombarding them.
.... and the buyer's solicitor constantly bombarding them.
....... and the bungalow seller's solicitor constantly bombarding them.

I think it might be going quicker now, until they find something else!!
Thursday, 12 October 2023, 12:31
Want to see you & Mum settled in your new home before Christmas!
Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 03:47
And then, BANG, out of nowhere..
"Would next Wednesday be OK?"

Tentative date, but they're ringing around all other sides to be sure that everyone's ok with that date.
Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 05:21
Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 05:34

A W E S O M E N E W S !
Wednesday, 18 October 2023, 05:37

... The buyers need to move money from an ISA before the can pay the deposit on the mortgage (seriously, that wasn't done yet?!) and then the mortgage lender needs 5 days to get everything sorted.
Wednesday, 18 October 2023, 05:39
Saturday, 21 October 2023, 04:14
Haven't heard anything for the past day or so, but then the Bungalow Estate Agent rang us, this morning, letting us know all about our Buyer's situation.. (Which is fucking odd, because nobody's been telling us, except for the odd bits of info we've managed to tweak out of our own fucking Solicitor.)

Their ISA might take a couple more days, and then waiting for the mortgage to clear. Their first time buyers, and the government are involved with some kind of scheme somewhere, so .. Well, governments and whatnot..

The Estate Agent of the Bungalow have been told next Friday.
We hadn't.
But they have..


So lacking in communication..
Saturday, 21 October 2023, 06:54
sounds like buying in the middle of a chain is a bit of a nightmare. We'll have to do that one day, doesn't sound fun.
Saturday, 21 October 2023, 07:03
Hoping things continue progressing,
Monday, 23 October 2023, 04:02
No news yet.. But our Estate Agent just rang saying their chasing solicitors on either side. They heard Wednesday, but that's not likely given the buyer's mortgage takes 5 days. But .. still just waiting, really.
Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 04:53
Estate Agent : Has got in contact with their solicitor. Their solicitor suggests 31st.
Our Solicitor : Just double checking that all parties are in agreement.
.. waiting.. ...

Spooky Halloween Bungalow!!
Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 06:32
Still waiting for that absolute confirmation from the Solicitor, but the bungalow estate agent's rang and said they're happy with the day. So..
Yes indeed, it's looking very much like it's next Tuesday!
Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 06:38
Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 12:02

🏠 FTW!
Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 03:48
Bungalow Solicitor still hasn't signed on the date, but only because they're not currently there. They're there tomorrow, Thursday, and everybody else is happy, so we just need them to tick a box and we're done.
Gawd, I really hope they don't end up moving it...
Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 04:16
Got my fingers crossed for you
Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 04:18
It will get done. Deep breaths.
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 07:17
Tears in the house, today.

"The buyer's don't have enough for the deposit."

> Reveal 🔎
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 08:23
For a moment there. I thought the worse!

Thursday, 26 October 2023, 08:45
Yeah, thought the worst, too. We had one of those deals pushed on us at the end where the buyer could not pay closing costs so we had to pay around $10,000.

Very happy for you! Looking forward to Tuesday.

Your first Christmas in your new home is going to happen!
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 08:56
YOU guys thought the worse??! You should've seen the state of me and Mum!!!
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 09:23
Wait, so you have to agree for their lender to lend them 2% more? Why would that be your decision?
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 09:53
Happy Halloween!
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 10:03
I don't know why they needed us to agree.. That's why I double, triple, and quadrupled checked with the solicitor that it wouldn't make any difference to us.

Also, for the next few days I'm paying for 2 home insurances... Which is fun...
Gas/Electric done, Water done, Virgin done. Need to do royal mail forwarding, but my brain is fucking frazzled...
Thursday, 26 October 2023, 11:28
Them needing you to agree, made no sense to me, but I chalked it up to differences between the UK & USA. Glad to see it made Spinal do a double-take.

Just tell Mum, sanity is on the horizon and you are almost there!
Friday, 27 October 2023, 13:38
Mum went up to the bungalow, today. She originally planned to take my Aunt up to see the bungalow on the day she was allowed to get the keys, but because of all the buyers kerfuffle, she been told that she can't pick the keys up until the actual day of the purchase.
Instead, then, we got in touch with the bungalow's current owner, and he offered to let them in, early, so my Aunt could see it.
.. then an Uncle decided to join in, too!
... then another Uncle!!!

So they all had a lovely day at the bungalow, today!
Uncle "builder/maintenance man" Jimmy had his workman's head on, and didn't just admire how lovely the place was, (and he really did admire it!) but also looked for every flaw he could find.
It's what he does. He analyses issues! But we told both Uncles not to bring things up at the bungalow, since it might upset the owner. It was his parent's place, after all. Keep your thoughts internal for now!

Once the day was done, and everyone got back, discussions of those issues were raised.
. the windows
. the doors
. redecorating
. new bathroom
. new kitchen
. probably new lights

But that was it?
Honestly, that's pretty much what we already had in mind.
Even Uncle Jimmy with his workman's head on, couldn't find any more flaws than we'd already accounted for.

Mum is over the moon.
And so am I.
It's been Uncle Jimmy approved
Friday, 27 October 2023, 15:14
So close now... What an "adventure" ! Moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do!
Friday, 27 October 2023, 15:51
Happy for you, Mum and Molly and glad your kin think well of it. Again, this all started with a decision to repaint bookcases or buy new ones. Perhaps keep the redecorating at the Bungalow to a minimum and just fix what needs fixing.

Sounds like other than some minor issues, you are going to have a new home that should give you a lot less worries for the rest of your lives.

Saturday, 28 October 2023, 06:31

Mum posted it to Facebook.. That makes it super-official, now! Her phone's kicking off like there's no tomorrow!!!

(She tried to take a picture outside, but Aunt wanted in the pic, and wouldn't let her get a clear pic!)
Saturday, 28 October 2023, 09:54
Somebody had some common sense when they put in those accordion doors. They are SOLID! Over here doors used like that (like in the house Carolyn and I inherited) usually have louvers which although great for airflow are the world's biggest dust magnet and the biggest pain in the ass to clean. Our house, the doors were so filthy, we took them and the mountings out.

Solid doors like what you have would have been so much better.
Saturday, 28 October 2023, 09:57
Oh and Ole' Kuron loves pink, so other than humming the Pink Panther theme right now, I am really digging the aesthetics of your new digs!
Saturday, 28 October 2023, 10:28
Nah.. They aren't as solid as they look. They're typical interior doors, empty/board interiors with a veneer finish.
The sort of door that, if the cat was enclosed in a room with those doors, would end up looking like..

But they are nice and sturdy, though, and seem to have been put on well enough.
Time will tell, of course, if we even need them.
Our current home, looking damn near identical, has no such doors, there. .. though an attempt at sliding doors was tried out, they eventually were never used, so got torn down.
Saturday, 28 October 2023, 12:45
Sorry for not being clear enough -- solid: Ie, no louvers (slots for air to pass through).

Most people here with louvered accordion doors would kill for what you have there. Something you can actually clean FTW!

Never been big on such doors closing off a room, but they were a "thing" before my time and common over here.

I could see it in the house in Mississippi that we inherited, because part of the house was used as a hair salon when it was built, so it kept clients out of the rest of the house the family (a Dr and his hairdresser wife built the house) lived in. Carolyn's dad had already taken down one set of doors and we took down the other one. Really opened up the house and rooms more, even though it was a 1,999 square foot house and large to begin with.
Saturday, 28 October 2023, 12:47
Carpets look to be amazing shape given that IIRC, elderly lived there. Elderly can be just as rough on a home as children. Especially if the elder is disabled, as then spills often do not get cleaned up due to physical mobility limitations.
Monday, 30 October 2023, 03:24
"Cool.. Now send us a photograph of your Photo ID"

At least 3 times, this week... And it's only Monday.
Monday, 30 October 2023, 03:45
Congrats on the completion!
Monday, 30 October 2023, 05:43
IIRC, you do not have photo ID?
Monday, 30 October 2023, 06:09
Yep, no Photo ID = Everything's harder.
Honestly, if anyone here doesn't have anything, let my chaos push you into getting something!!!
Monday, 30 October 2023, 06:28
See... I pay attention to detail. :cD

I already mentioned my saga elsewhere here, but have had a valid ID since moving to Tennessee.
Monday, 30 October 2023, 06:36
NAS : Unplugged
Secondary Router : Unplugged
Phone Line : Disconnected
Virgin Router : Still somehow hanging on, even though the phone line's been disconnected, but iPad and Mac are now tethered to my mobile.
JNKHouse is unplugged
Monday, 30 October 2023, 06:51
Hmm, I was looking at geting a passport last night also.

Hope the rest of the move goes well into JNK Bungalow
Monday, 30 October 2023, 07:10
We all wish we were close enough to help in the actual move. I genuinely mean that. I have always said you find out who your friends are when its time to move or need a ride to or from the airport.
Monday, 30 October 2023, 13:13
Big storm in the British region this Wednesday. I need to secure my mums fence.

is the bungalow at a good flood free and low damage spot?
Monday, 30 October 2023, 13:34
There's been coal mining in the vicinity, but the surrounding streets are not in the mined areas, so should be safe from subsidence and whatnot.
Water-wise, there's a nearby river, and a nearby canal, but from the land searches and stuff, nothing appears to be at dangerous levels. Honestly, though, given recent weather events, god only knows what could happen in the future.
Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 05:49

Bye House

Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 07:42
Buh Bye! Thanks for all of the memories for Jay, Mum, Molly & Family. You have been a good house!
Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 15:05
Day 1 Pics

Please ignore chaotic placement of everything, we just can't be arsed tonight!!!

Bathroom : Needs a Bath. I need a bath. Can't stand long enough to shower. Needs a bath.

Bedroom's barely started, and all elements are incorrectly placed!! However it does first need a carpet, so we're going to get that done before we do the room properly.


Mum's bedroom, again, everything plonked in, rearranging will be later.

Kitchen... ..
...Definitely need a new kitchen...
Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 17:14
FINALLY!!! YOU ARE IN YOUR NEW HOME!!! So very happy for You, Mum & Molly. Congratulations!
Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 17:18
You are gonna have to help culturally enrich Ole' Kuron. With the bathroom pic, I love the fold up hand rail for the toilet. But what do we have going on over in that back corner? Is that a shower without the stall or tub?
Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 17:26
Carolyn is smiling down on your Mum with her choice of mug.

Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 18:38
It's a wet room. The whole bathroom floor is watertight, with a plug hole under where the shower usually hits. Great for disabled folk, but I can't stand up long enough for a shower, so... :/
I'm going to try a shower-seat, see how I cope with that.
Ideally, we'll be turning it back to a bath-based bathroom, but.. time.. and money!!
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 01:55
Those bath/shower chairs are pretty good. With my knees and hips I need a tub or at least to sit. But, given your setup Ole' Kuron would simply sit on the floor and bathe himself.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 02:19
Congratulations on the move!

Hope the rest of the moving in stuff goes along well
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 04:01
How is Molly handling the adjustment?
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 04:27
We stuck her into her travel case thing yesterday, and she spent the first hour or so yelling and scratching and desperate to get out, as the removal men worked around her, slowly taking away everything she loved.

Then I carried her out to the neighbour's car, and she yelled and screamed. We placed her in the car and she noseyed around, and then... Silence...
We drove the 13 Miles to the bungalow... silence all the way.
She instantly calmed down, the second she was placed into the car.
And when we got there, she was brought (still in the carry cage thing) into the bungalow, and we both sat on the floor in the corner of the living room, whilst the removal men worked around us, with Mum and Neighbour both rushing around to assist.

After the removal men had left, we opened the cage, and Molly roamed around.
She's already comfortable here. She's found a patch to sleep in, under all the dining chairs that are currently sat together in a cluster, waiting for the table to be reassembled

She's currently being kept in, because.. That's what you're supposed to do, right? And the dining room stinks due to the smell of a litter tray.. Something we haven't had to smell in a very very long time!!
But she'll be allowed out in a few days, at this rate, I reckon.

She's taken to the bungalow almost as well as we have

Amusing story

The old kitchen was to the right of the dining room.
The new kitchen is to the left of the dining room.

About half an hour after letting her roam in the bungalow for the first time, Mum headed into the kitchen, to the left, poured out some biscuits for Molly, and shouted her in..
Molly ran from the living room, into the dining room, then.. To the right, though a myriad of boxes, trying to figure out how to get to the kitchen.

Poor Molly!!
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 04:38
*smiles* I am glad she is adjusting fairly well.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 05:39
OK, time for a shave.
.. oh, there's no bathroom mirror...
Which box is the bathroom mirror packed away in...?
Aw, shit..
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 05:46
Oh no, did you label the boxes with room names on them?
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 05:56
And we think we know where the bathroom mirror is.
In the bathroom of the house!
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 06:28
Congratulations on finally getting there.

I remember boxes. Took years before we got rid of the last one. Took further years before things found the right place to be in each room. How do you get on with things like this?

We're planning on moving next year. Looking forward to it, but not the estate agents, legal stuff and hassle. And not looking forward to putting the two cats in carry cases for hours.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 06:29
Good luck!!!
Moving to a bigger place, or downsizing? .. Or just moving!?
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 11:18
As a kid we moved every year and were unpacked within a couple of days. I can remember two moves where Mom was just too overwhelmed with the move and I unpacked everything and put it away in the new home and each of those times I did it in a day.

At almost 55 and my general energy level and generally not feeling well anymore, I still have some things in boxes from when I moved here a year and a half ago. All the important stuff was unpacked, but music gear has not really been touched yet and studio has become a piled up mess. At least I got the studio remodeled and looking nice. Only thing left to do is paint a few more pieces of furniture.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 11:47
Yeah, It was 1987 when we last moved!!
We're out of practice
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 12:56
On the subject of no bath, have you thought about a shower chair?. When my mum was still at her flat she had one that folded against the wall when not in use.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 13:01
We got a nice neat little one, but it's just not comfortable! Or, maybe I'm just not used to it.
By the time we've decided how we're going to get the room redone to a bath-bathroom, I might've gotten used to it. We'll see..
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 14:22
Broadband a-go-go.
Same package as before, but now without the Unlimited Landline package.. Half the damn cost it used to be.
.. But I'm sure I'll be watching that rise, and rise, and rise.... :/
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 14:46
Broadband already, nice, at least that was fast!
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 14:49
Everything was ready to go, just had to plug in the new box.. They sent it out for delivery yesterday, but it was going to arrive between 9 and 11, so obv, had to delay it.. Ended up having to wait until about 7pm before it sodding well turned up.
But, yeah.. Easy enough.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 18:00
Is that freehold?, maybe you could put a conservatory on the back and call it SoCoder Headquarters.
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 18:56
Yay! Finally made it!

After a couple of days it'll feel like home!
Wednesday, 01 November 2023, 21:10
It isn't freehold, but purchasing the freehold rights is definitely on our todo list. As it was one of the biggest bugbears in our sale of the old house.
Conservatory isn't likely. Right now, all minimal funds from the sale of the house that we have will be going straight on replacing all windows and doors in the bungalow.
.. and £8k really isn't going to go very far at all, in that scenario...
Friday, 03 November 2023, 03:07
Changing Mum's Bank details..
"In order to change your address, we'll need to send you a code to your phone. Unfortunately, this service is currently unavailable."

I mean, come on guys.. At least try...


Oh, Come on.....
Friday, 03 November 2023, 09:08

The important bits...
"My first package. We just moved in!"
"Ooh, I'll see you again, then."

Happy little Amazon man.
Friday, 03 November 2023, 09:26
WooHoo!! Packridges!
Saturday, 04 November 2023, 05:02

First "New home" card showed up, today.
I LOL'd.
Saturday, 04 November 2023, 10:11
LOL! Very cute card!

You need to privately give me your new address and how it should be addressed from the USA.
Sunday, 05 November 2023, 00:20
How are you all adjusting?

Wifey looked at me like I was nuts today when I busted out laughing when she asked if we should get our son a new dresser or repaint the one he has?
Sunday, 05 November 2023, 00:56
We're all loving the bungalow.
The dank/abandoned/musky smell is subsiding, now. My Sister and Niece both came for a visit yesterday, which was lovely, and they helped take down a couple of the curtain pelmets, as well as cleaning out a kitchen cupboard! .. My god, were those kitchen cupboards thick with grease...

But we're already very settled. Sure, there's a TON of stuff to do, but that can be done in bits and pieces.
Sunday, 05 November 2023, 01:08
Jay you know what is good for helping get the smell out? This is what we did in the house in Mississippi as it would be musty any time we went down. Get a couple of onions, and cut them in half and sit two halves in each room in a bowl.

Onions absorb odors.

We also did this when we got our new house to get the new smell out.

Orange oil is great for the grease on cabinets... That was a major issue in the house in MS as her dad cooked with Lard.

So glad you are happy in the new home.
Sunday, 05 November 2023, 01:16
I'm fairly certain the smell of onions would make me infinitely more nauseous than the current odour.
Like I say, though, it's almost gone. We've had windows open to help the air flow, and a few scented candles have helped a ton. It's mostly because the bungalow's been sat vacant for the past 10 months. Son of the previous owners would nip around every so often, clearing things out, making sure it's all ok, but he wouldn't exactly leave doors wide open all day!!
Even now, we can't exactly leave the doors open, since Molly hasn't yet been outside, so we're not sure if she'll come back!
But .. windows are ok. The smell's almost gone... Though we have been asking visitors if it smells, because we're not sure if it's actually going, or if we're just getting used to it

The kitchen's being cleaned with Pink Stuff.
... Which is an actual product that's actually called Pink Stuff.
Seems to be working well enough.
Sunday, 05 November 2023, 01:20
We use Pink Stuff's toilet cleaner.
Tuesday, 07 November 2023, 07:34
House Move/Address Change/Update Details list is now down to just about 5 items..
NHS (We need to change both me and mum), PIP, ESA, Waiting for OVO to do whatever they're doing, and then....
Mum's Bank is still popping up an error message saying that we need to approve the change of address using the mobile app, but the service to approve the change of address is currently unavailable.. *tsk*

Nearly there..

Headaches almost over!
Tuesday, 07 November 2023, 07:40
Quick work!

Will have to fire over some stuff to you when possible
Wednesday, 08 November 2023, 06:18
Spent over an hour on hold, today, trying to change my address with the PIP People

1 hour 9 minutes... Fuxake..
Wednesday, 08 November 2023, 06:25
Spent over four hours (twice) on the phone when I moved to Tennessee and had to update my address with Social Security. By American standards one hour on hold is awesome!
Thursday, 09 November 2023, 02:12
How is Molly(the cat?) taking the move?

I was tought that they need to stay indoors for 2 weeks to ancher/adjust to a new location.
Thursday, 09 November 2023, 04:27
We actually let her out, this morning. She was whinging at the patio door, so we let her explore the garden.
She wandered around the garden, then ... leapt up on a fence, and away she went.

.. she came wandering back in about 10 minutes later, though. *phew*

Alarmingly, if she's on the fence, she can quite easily hop onto the roof, so we might have to look up there for her, if she ever vanishes!!!
Thursday, 09 November 2023, 08:53

Thursday, 09 November 2023, 10:29
Molly is happy, she has new stuff to look at!
Friday, 10 November 2023, 13:11
Uncle came to paint my bedroom, today.
I was being bloody useless as usual, so instead opted to write a game.. As you do...

Game Link
Friday, 10 November 2023, 13:14
I was expecting a game about painting a room.

Nice little game.
Friday, 10 November 2023, 13:28
What color is he painting it?
Friday, 10 November 2023, 13:34
It's a plain almost-white colour. We weren't sure whether to go with another woody/pine coloured colour, but in the end opted for a much more neutral colour. Pics later. Battery almost drained!! Charging.
Friday, 10 November 2023, 13:37
Wish I could have hired your uncle to paint the house in Mississippi. I could have flown him over, put him up for two weeks and paid for his meals, paid him for painting and still saved money, as he likely does it right and we wouldn't have had to go behind him and repaint many things and he likely wouldn't have been trying to steal our things.

^5's for good Uncles!

|edit| And our painters fucked up the plumbing and we had to put in all new drains. |edit|
Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 04:06

Done, today

Water Meter : Fitted
Voting Registry : Registeried
Carpet for my room : Ordered - Waiting for delivery date
Carpet for Mum's room : She's still not decided on a colour scheme!

Still to do

Still waiting to hear anything back..
They said 2 or 3 weeks, which might be a bit tight as far as our monthly medication goes. Hope we can get those, somehow, without extra farting about.

Mum's Bank
Their online "Change my address" service is down, and their local branch closed last year, so that's handy :/

We're now officially back to being on OVO. The bungalow was previously British Gas.
The meters are "Smart" meters, but aren't sending readings. I presume they're sending data to British Gas.. I wonder why they don't just have one great big "everybody's Smart Meters" database..!?!
Not sure if they're coming out to sort that out, or what.. Meanwhile, I'll keep sending them standard monthly readings.
Also, the Hive Thermostat still works. I was a little worried about that, since it's full of British Gas logos, but it's working just fine.

Far off being done

Windows and Doors, and not really knowing what way we can/can't go with that.
There's a lot to do, there, I reckon.
Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 06:51
You are making progress, and any progress is good given how stressful moving can be.
Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 14:45

We found this, today..
Not a clue..
Feels metallic.
Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 17:18
I would push that back through and bend it so it stays in, seal it with some silicone based caulk to be sure it is water and air tight and once that is fully cured, cover it with some mortar and blend it in. You appear to have standard mortar so do not need to add any coloring to it.

You should have seen all the brickwork I had to do on the house in Mississippi. It had some major issues. But it was NOT a brick house, it was a brick wrapped house which is worse in many ways.
Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 19:30

Could it be something to hang something from?
Thursday, 16 November 2023, 00:46

Something to hang?
*checks house-sale pics*

Nope, nothing hanging there, though it is positioned directly below where the washing line is. So.. Maybe?!!

As for filling holes with mortar.
Yeah, there's a LOT of that going to be happening. There's little pokey holes all over, from various wires and cables and TV antennae and everything, all over the house.
Like, an alarming number of them!!!
Thursday, 16 November 2023, 02:31

Letter from our solicitor.
*slow clap*

Incompetent to the very end.
Thursday, 16 November 2023, 08:32
Ours were incompetent to the end. Sent us a check OVERNIGHT for $92,000 for the sale of the house and it took two weeks for something sent overnight to get to us.
Friday, 17 November 2023, 09:33

Uncle David turned up, today.

Underlay, Underlay!


Let the cluttering commence.
Friday, 17 November 2023, 10:13
Awesome work! Thank you, Uncle David!
Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 04:31

Cluttering is going well.
On the large chest of drawers is now a large set of cube-shelves, and in it goes all the clutter \o/yeay\o/
On the other side I need to decide on the best way to organise all my consoles, so they're on the desk next to the telly.
And.. honestly, I can't find anything.

I was hoping to get an Ikea Kallax, but it doesn't quite fit on top of the smaller chest of drawers, and would take up too much space on the desk.
So, um..
No idea.

Planning continues!!!
Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 15:01

That poster's still slightly askew..
Gonna need a spirit level for this one..

Please note : Left side of desk is still in development! Pictures do not resemble the final product.
Saturday, 25 November 2023, 14:42
Today's amazing purchase.
A desktop paper tray holder.

And you're probably thinking to yourself "A desktop paper tray holder, Jay? That's not really much to be excited about.."
And, I'll be honest, you're probably right.

> Reveal 🔎
Saturday, 25 November 2023, 16:55
Damn, your lucky dude! Exactly like the one I bought years back in Maryland and had to leave in Tennessee. Can't find anything remotely close now and things like that from Amazon tend to get destroyed.

Ole' Kuron will definitely pop for a good paper tray holder.
Monday, 27 November 2023, 05:02
GP hasn't "claimed" me or mum yet, so we're here in one place, the GP's in another place, and the Pharmacy is hopefully the one around the corner.
Mum's been trying to get her tablets sorted for the next month, but good grief, the number of phone calls to get that sorted.
Thankfully, the old GP have said they'll send it to the new Pharmacy, and the Pharmacy's said they'll keep an eye out for it and text her once it's in there.
What a bloody palaver..


I have a Salford Royal appointment, tomorrow.
Rang Salford : "We can't help you, you're not in our area, you'll have to ring Wigan."

This is absolutely not how it used to be. We used to ring Salford, because we were going TO Salford.. Now you have to ring the local number, instead? Hmmm..

Rang Wigan : "We can't help you, your GP is in Bolton."

.... ... ... ?
Rang Bolton : "We can't help you, you're in Wigan."

Oh, for...

Rang the hospital directly, and they got back within about half an hour, and have now set up transport for tomorrow.
Thank fuck for actual people being helpful.
Monday, 27 November 2023, 08:23
£6.5k for all windows and doors.
Monday, 27 November 2023, 09:47
That is not a bad price given how expensive stuff is now. About dropped dead when we got a quote for $30,000 for a new roof on the house here.
Monday, 27 November 2023, 10:04
Yeah, it's not a bad amount, all in, but we're slightly worried now that the funds aren't going to be doing the roof.
Hopefully it'll hold up over the winter, and we can sort it out next year.
Monday, 27 November 2023, 10:08
I do get you. And it always seems like it is something else that pops up. Still waiting to hear how bad the $$ will be for the truck which is in the shop again.
Wednesday, 06 December 2023, 07:02
The Shed was installed about a week ago. Not a bad price, just over £500, but that included delivery and a giant erection. Mum had to look away.

Still no date for the windows, but deposit has been paid.
We got some blinds. The rail/mechanism for vertical blinds was already in the bungalow, so we only needed to buy some fabricy slat things, and they've gone in lovely.

OVO came today and fitted new smart meters, with one of those little "study it like you've OCD" energy usage display things, so that's good.

The checklist is getting smaller!
Tomorrow should be the Alarm day, and I still need a new bed, 'cos my current one's probably about 15 or so years old, now! Eek!! Yeah, definitely needs replaced.
Still haven't sorted Mum's Bank, as far as change of address is concerned. Mostly because all the bloody Royal Bank of Scotland branches in the area have been closed!!
Another half-dozen phone calls to let other companies know we've moved, but otherwise I think we're pretty much "done" as far as the actual move goes, and setting everything up.

Mum's room is currently being done. Uncle Dave came down to help stripping wallpaper, fixing up the plaster, and stuff like that, so now it's a case of getting all the new paper on, and hopefully that's ok.

Still haven't permanently connected the NAS, though, and there's still tons of boxes everywhere!!
... ugh..
Wednesday, 06 December 2023, 07:07
Look forward to pics of Mum's room when it is done. Kudos to Uncle Dave (who slightly resembles George Bray).
Monday, 11 December 2023, 02:10
Kuron asked in a PM, if me and Mum are planning anything special for our first Xmas at the bungalow.

Not very likely.
We're still not even halfway unpacked.
Mum needs to finish her room off before all the "Mum's Room" boxes that are currently in the dining room can be exploded into her wardrobes, which haven't been rebuilt yet because the room's not done.
In many ways, things are feeling kinda crappily unfinished, and Mum's starting to stress that everyone's going to be visiting over Xmas, seeing an unfinished bungalow.

Uncle Dave's been too busy to help, and I'm shit at wallpapering (up and down isn't good for me) so she's been having to do everything her self, and it's making me feel like crap not being able to help.

.. Honestly, it's been a really bad atmosphere in here, the past few days.

Xmas is still in boxes.
Bad vibes..
Tuesday, 19 December 2023, 14:21

Still unpacking those boxes! (and repacking and shuffling and deciding what stays)

There are still 9 cardboard boxes, with contents ranging from "AtariST boxes" and "Advent Trinkets" to "Trek Ships 2" and "Xbox"
Oh my god, there's so much left!!!!
Wednesday, 20 December 2023, 05:22

Finally got the table up.

I'd show you a different angle of the dining room, but...